Rage 2 Smart Rocket Launcher Location - How to Get

Smart rocker launcher is one of the weapons in Rage 2. As the name clearly states, it’s a gun that launches rockets. However, it also has the ability to fire homing missiles, which allows you to clear groups of enemies quickly. You can get it from one of the game’s many Arks, and if you’re having trouble figuring out which one exactly, keep reading our Rage 2 smart rocker launcher guide.

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rage 2 smart rocket launcher how to get
Rage 2 Smart Rocket Launcher Location – How to Get

Where to find rocket launcher in Rage 2?

The smart rocket launcher is hidden in an Ark, which isn’t much of a surprise if you’ve obtained any of the other weapons. For this one, you’ll have to visit the Strongbox Ark, which can be found in the middle of the Torn Plains area. You’ll have to clear a group of enemies, but the fight is nothing too taxing.

rage 2 smart rocket launcher location

Once you have the launcher, it will quickly become one of your favorite weapons. Its basic attack includes a single rocked with a decent blast radius and a lot of damage. It’s ideal for bosses and other tough enemies. It also has an alternative fire mode, which allows you to mark targets by aiming down sights. When you’ve marked all the baddies you can, pressing the fire button will launch a volley of homing missiles. They’ll track everyone you’ve tagged and blow them up effortlessly.

Any way you look at it, it’s a great addition to your arsenal. After you’ve obtained it, getting the other weapons, like the firestorm revolver, will be a lot easier. Stealing vehicles from gangs also proved to be a lot less difficult when armed with explosives. Since the BFG 9000 is only available as part of the deluxe edition for now, this is pretty much the only explosive weapon everyone can obtain.

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