ReCore Blueprint Locations

Blueprints are collectibles you can get in ReCore. They’re crafting schematics that let you build new Corebot frames or upgrade existing ones. If you gather them all, you’ll unlock The Architect achievement. Most of them are hidden in dungeons, in hard to reach supply caches. In this guide, we’re going to show you all ReCore blueprint locations, which parts they unlock.

Pylon 512 Blueprint Locations

You can get one piece when the main quest leads you into the Pylon 512 control center. When you activate the Pylon, go up the ramp to the left. Pass through the red afinity door and climb up the left side of the cliff. Jump through the ringers to get to the other side and follow the tunnel. Once you reach a pillar, you’ll find a supply cache on the right. Open it to get the White Bare Bones K-9 Hindlegs blueprint.

After you collect all the Power Corebots in the chamber and get the Prismatic Core, a door will open above it. Go into the room and open the chest to get the White Salty Dog K-9 Forelegs blueprint.

Go back to the Pylon room and go into the room with the three afinity bots above the door. Climb up to the ledges and go to the illuminated cave room where the Core is. Once you dig it up, turn around and jump up to the secret room on the right. You’ll find a chest with the White Salty Dog K-9 Augment blueprint.

Lonely Basin Blueprint Locations

When you go to investigate the distress signal in the Whisper in The Sand quest, you’ll reach a gate which requires six cellbots to open. Jump down from the gate and go under the arches on the left. You’ll find a supply cache with the White Salty Dog K-9 Hindlegs blueprint.

During Is Anybody There, jump down from the cliff towards the giant spider-like machine and turn right. Follow the cliff on your right. You’ll have to defeat a couple of bots, but you’ll find a hidden chest with the Yellow Wild Child Augment blueprint.

Cavern Rush Blueprints

While doing the jumping gauntlet, make sure you shoot all 8 red orbs. After you’re done, you’ll end up in a chamber with a beam of light in the center and three little rooms with energy doors. Go to the right one and open the chest. You’ll get the blueprints for Green Barebones K-9 Forelegs and Green Barebones K-9 Hindlegs.

This guide is under construction. We’ll update it with more locations as we progress through the game.

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    Yo, I’m having ZERO luck finding the Yellow Wild Child K9 *HindLegs* blueprint… Lol, I can’t even find a post/guid/blueprint map ONLINE that mentions the location of the blueprint for the Yellow Wild Child k9 *hind legs*. Starting to think they just don’t exist!
    Anyway, plz tell me ya know where they are!? (And how to find’em of course)

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