Granite Steps Prismatic Core & Audio Log Locations | ReCore

Granite Steps is the first outside area you’ll visit in ReCore. It’s the valley where your Sandcrawler is located when you start.
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There are several collectibles you can find there – prismatic cores and audio logs from different people, among other things. You’ll be able to snatch some of them right away, while others will stay out of reach until you get the appropriate Corebot frames. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Granite Steps Collectibles Locations and how to get them.

Granite Steps Prismatic Cores

The cores in the first area are impossible to get right away. The first one is on the stone pillar to the left of where you start. It’s encased in rock, so you’ll need the AP-3 frame to break through and get it.

There’s another one on the pillar in the middle of the valley, next to your base. You’ll need the spider frame to climb up the rails and snatch it from the top.

Health Booster in Granite Steps

Health boosters increase your maximum health when you collect them. There is one in Granite Steps, on top of your Sandcrawler. Just climb the vehicle and follow the roof until you get above the entrance.

Thomas Adams Audio Log 1

You can get the first audio log from Joule’s father on the lone pillar that’s on your left as you exit the tutorial dungeon. Once you’re at the top of the pillar, look for a ledge overlooking the Sandcrawler, with a blue tablet on it.

V1-OLT Audio Log 1

The first audio message from the fast-travel Corebot can be found on the western edge of the valley. It’s on a sand-covered wreckage. You’ll notice the purple glow as you approach it.

This guide is under construction. We’ll update it as get further into the game.