Lonely Basin Blueprint & Audio Log Locations | ReCore

Lonely Basin is the second open-world area in ReCore. There are a bunch of blueprints you can get there, as well as several audio logs and prismatic cores.
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These collectibles are well hidden across the desert, and you might have a hard time getting to them. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Lonely Basin Collectible locations in ReCore, how to reach them.

White Bare Bones K-9 Head Blueprint

This blueprint can be found near the entrance to the Pylon 512 dungeon. There’s a ledge just east of it – if you can manage to jump across the chasm and onto it, you’ll find a supply cache with the schematic.

Julius Roldan Audio Log 2

You can get this one east from the Pylon 512 dungeon. Fight through the sandstorm and jump up to get to the ruin entrance. Once inside, turn left and you’ll see the red audio log on the floor in the corridor.

White Stinger FL1-R Weapon Blueprint

As you exit the Pylon 215 dungeon, you’ll arrive at a platform overlooking a cave with crystals. There will be a fast travel point in front of you. Turn around and climb the building until you reach a platform above the exit. Open the supply cache and you’ll get the blueprint.

Yellow Bare Bones K-9 Hindlegs Blueprint

When you get the previous blueprint, jump towards the black pylon. Once you reach it, go around it and you’ll see a supply chest. The blueprint will be in it.

White Stinger FL1-R Head Blueprint

This one is in the southern part of the area, near the gate that leads to Granite Steps. It’s in a supply cache on a rock pillar – you can use the ledge by the cliff to jump closer to it.

White Stinger FL1-R Augment Crafting Schematic

The next one can be found on the westernmost part of the broken bridge, near the previous one. Climb the rock formation next to it in order to reach the top.

Blueprint for White Stinger FL1-R Jets

While you’re on the broken bridge, look for a giant rock formation north of you. You might notice a supply chest on top of it. You’ll need to jump onto the lower rocks in order to climb up and claim your reward.

Yellow Bare Bones K-9 Forelegs Blueprint

You can get this one in the north-eastern part of the zone. It’s in a supply chest by the northern cliff. Beware: you’ll get ambushed by half a dozen evil corebots.

White Brute Legs Blueprint

When you snatch the previous one, just turn around. You’ll see another crate in a small room in the white building.

Yellow Barebones K-9 Augment

You can get this one near the white building in the middle of the map. If you’ve followed our guide, just follow the wall next to which you found the previous one. When you reach the gate, turn around and you’ll see the chest in the turbine casing.

White Salty Dog K-9 Hindlegs

While playing Whisper in The Sand, you’ll reach a gate that needs to be opened with power cellbots. Drop down from the cliff and go to the left of the gate. You’ll find a crate under the stone arch.

Natalie Bright Audio Log 2

After you pass through the cellbot gate, you’ll reach a large door. There will be a yellow audio book in front of it.

White Salty Dog K-9 Head Blueprint

After you’ve picked up the log, turn around and go to the edge of the cliff. Peer down and you’ll see a crate on a ledge. This is where you’ll find your blueprint.

Yellow Bare Bones K-9 Head Schematic

If you jump down from the cliff into the desert, you’ll find another cache next to a stone pillar. You’ll have to fight a couple of evilbots before you can open it, though.

Lonely Basin Prismatic Cores

There’s one under the giant rock formation in the eastern part of the zone. You’ll need to find six white power cellbots and bring them to the container, so they can open it.

This guide is still being worked on. Check back for more info soon.