RE3 Police Station Locker Codes

Some lockers in Resident Evil 3 are protected by padlocks. In order to open them, you’ll need to know the right combination. Such is the case with the lockers on the second and third floor of the Police Station. The codes are hidden in other places in the building, and you can discover them if you’re in the habit of checking every nook and cranny. If not, we’ll just show you what they are in our RE3 locker codes in police station 2F & 3F guide.

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re3 locker codes police station 2f 3f
RE3 Locker Codes in Police Station 2F & 3F

Police station third floor Carlos locker code – Resident Evil 3 Remake

The third floor locker is located in a dead end hallway near the winding staircase. We found the combination for it on a photo taped to a whiteboard in the Safe Deposit Room on the first floor. It’s a three letter combination – DCM. It contains some assault rifle ammo. Now this might not look like much, or like it’s worth the trouble, but when you’re playing on higher difficulty settings every bullet is precious, and finding a stash like this one is a proper boon.

Locker code police station second floor – shower room in RE3 Remake

This locker can be found in the shower room. The code for this one is also a three letter combination – CAP. You’re going to pass through here and deal with the multitude of zombies after you’ve broken down the bathroom wall, so you might as well loot the locker while you’re there.

There are very few locked containers in the game, which is kind of weird when you know the previous game had a whole bunch – these two lockers and a couple of safes, and that’s pretty much it. The codes for the lockers are the same as they were in the last game, which is a nice touch, I have to admit.