RE3 Lockpick Location

The lock pick is one of the key items in Resident Evil 3 Remake. It allows you to open locked doors, which allows you access to place you previously couldn’t visit. Once you obtain it, you’ll be able to backtrack to the start of the game and get any items you may have missed. If you’re wondering where to find it, this guide will show you the Resident Evil 3 lockpick location.

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resident evil 3 lockpick
RE3 Lockpick Location

Where to find lock pick in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

You can get the lockpick at the subway power substation. When you reach the padlocked door with the high voltage sing on it, you’ll notice a memo on a wall. Reading it will reveal that the key has gone missing, and that, while they’re waiting for a new one, the senior employee on duty will have to carry a lockpick. If you turn to the left, you’ll see a corpse in the corner, under a beam of light. Approach it and you’ll see a wooden case clasped in its hands. Pry it away, then examine it from your inventory. You’ll find the lock pick inside.

Now that you have the lockpick, you can backtrack and open a bunch of stuff in locations you’ve already visited. Here’s a list of locks you can now pick, as well as their locations:

  • Locker – Subway Power Substation, Ground Floor
  • Door – Downtown, Toy Uncle’s Supershop (you can get the green jewel from a fancy box for the clock puzzle here)
  • Locker – Downtown, Garage
  • Door – Downtown, Supermarket (you can get the blue jewel here)
  • Locker – Downtown, Donut Shop (you can get the red jewel from the safe room here)
  • Strongbox, Locker – Subway Office, first two rooms
  • Strongbox – Redstone Street Station (you can use the jewels here as well)

Once you’ve beaten the game, if you decide on another playthrough, you’ll be able to get the lockpick right away by buying a cheat code for 2800P in the newly opened store.