Resident Evil 7 How To Kill Eveline Final Boss

Eveline is the final boss in Resident Evil 7. She’s the evil force behind all of the events of the game. The fight has several stages, but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you keep calm and don’t waste ammo. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat final boss Eveline in Resident Evil 7 and how to get Albert-01.

Resident Evil 7 How To Kill Eveline Final Boss
Resident Evil 7 – How To Defeat Final Boss Eveline

How to Beat Eveline – Resident Evil 7 Final Boss

Even though Eveline is the last boss, she’s not too difficult to beat. The fight with her isn’t complicated at all. However, bear in mind that she does do a lot of damage, so don’t through caution to the wind just yet. You’ll need a lot of ammo; the assault rifle and shotgun are your best friends. You might need healing items as well, but weapons are primary here.

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The first step is to reach girl Eveline. She’ll keep blasting you away, so block her attacks. When you approach her, a cutscene will play, and the real boss battle begins.

As soon as the battle begins, run to the other side of the room and pick up the items. Then, turn around and hit Eveline’s ugly fave with everything you’ve got. You can block her hits, but be very careful not to let her grab you. If she does, she can kill you very quickly, so always keep away from her. Eventually, you’ll deal enough damage and the second phase will begin.

In this part, you’re immobilized, so there’s not much you can do but keep showering Eveline with bullets to the face. At one point, she’ll pick you up into the air. Open fire her as soon as you have a clear shot of her head, and keep firing until she drops you.

You’ll see a crate on the ground with the Albert-01. The gun is filled with the anti-BOW serum, so listen to what the voice from the smart watch tells you to do. Grab the gun, turn around, and give Eveline hell. After a couple of well-aimed rounds, Eveline will finally go down. Congratulations, you’ve beaten Resident Evil VII!

Eveline Boss Fight on Madhouse Difficulty

The fight proceeds exactly the same as on lower difficulty levels. The only difference is that Eveline packs more of a punch, so you should take good care to block her punches in the first phase. Remember to keep your distance and keep doing damage. Also, she might take more bullets to take down. Otherwise, the fight is the same as we described above.

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    Who plays the character Eveline?

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    I don’t think I can win as I got to Evaline with only 80
    rounds of machine gun.Not enough fire power,which means loading previous levels getting through them better and end up at the end with mire weapons.
    Thing is I don’t think I could ever be bothered going through all that crap again.
    Shit game anyway.To drawn out and slow wasting to much time looking for items heaps of draws and boxes with nothing in them.To far to next checkpoint etc.

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    Me idon’t have guns to kill eveline what should I do
    I am in the final fight

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