Final Fantasy XV How to Earn Choco-Mog Medallions in the Carnival

Choco-Mog Medalion is a currency earned during the The Moogle Chocobo Carnival. Medallions are earned through the many festival activities. Some of them are side quests, extra events, mini games and more. Prize Counter vendors sell items for the Medallions. This guide is going to show you how to earn Choco-Mog medallions in Final Fantasy XV.

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How to Earn Choco-Mog Medallions

Choco-Mog Medallion General Info

  • You can find Medallions laying on ground all over Altissia. They also respawn, making them easy to acquire.
  • They are given as a prize at the Justice Monsters Five machines.
  • Interact with three mascots around the city to receive extra medallions. The Moogle near the docks will ask you to dance, just like the Chocobo in front of the Square Enix Cafe. The third mascot is Kenny Crow. You can find him in the northeastern part of the city, near the large statue of a woman. He is in Listro Park during nighttime. This time, besides the strange interaction with him, it doesn’t seem he gives any more medallions.
  • Find and talk to crying children that lost their balloons. Retrieve their balloons for extra medallions. You can do it multiple times, as they tend to lose them more than once.

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The side quests are a fun way to make more medallions. Some of them are:

  • The Brothers Kupomazov – Find and take a picture of six moogle dolls. You get two Choco-Mog Medallions for each doll, and six for completing the quest. Total of 18.
  • ODEKA ke Chocochicks – Find and grab fifteen baby chocobos for ten Choco-Mog medals.
  • Decorate the Carnival! – Solve three riddles in order to decorate the area and gain 18 medallions.
  • All About Moogles Quiz – Talk to Moogle in Square Enix Cafe. Check your knowledge and answer the different questions. Gain up to 30 medallions.

Whack a Cactuar Chocobo Festival Final Fantasy XV

Many of the side activities and mini games are not marked on map. They give a great amount of Choco-Mog medallions.

  • Photo Challenge – Find and interact with the Carnival billboards. They’ll give you clues about the photos you have to take. Each successful taken photo gives two medallions.
  • Chocobo Races – Complete Seaside Scamper and Water Trotter race to receive medallions. You’ll need to do it under the time limit. Seaside Scamper gives three medallions.
  • Whack-a-Cactuar – mini game in the Arena Galviano. Strike the Cactuar to earn points. Easy and medium difficulty give three and five medallions.
  • Galviano Gallery – mini shooting game in the Arena Galviano. The gun can overheat, test your aim! The prize pool is the same as for the Whack-a-Cactuar.
  • Waiting for Maagho – Waiting tables mini game. Remember the customer orders and bring them the correct ones. One of the best ways to earn medallions. No wonder, it is the hardest game.
  • Fishing – Fish up the medallions! Repeatable and easy gain of medallions.

All the Choco-Mog Medallions are used as currency for the rewards at the Prize Counters. There are some great items that serve as upgrades for your weapons, a new, festival-themed Regalia decal, and more.

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