Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero - How to Download DLC

Not A Hero, the long-awaited free DLC for Resident Evil 7, has finally been released. It will let you play as Chris Redfield, experiencing the Baker saga from a different perspective. It’s a short and sweet piece of story, but a lot of PC players are having trouble getting it. If you’re one of them, you should keep on reading, and we’ll show you how to download Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero.

re7 not a hero how to download
Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero – How to Download DLC

How to get RE7 Not A Hero?

First of all, it’s important to note Not A Hero is free, so everyone who owns the base game can get it. Even if you’ve bought the season pass, it’s quite possible it won’t download automatically. There are several ways to go about this problem. You could try searching for the game on Steam, then going to the DLC section and choosing Not A Hero. Once you’re at the DLC’s store page, simply click “Play game” and it should download.

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If that doesn’t work, at least you’re now certain it’s tied to your account. Fire up the Steam client and find RE7 in the game list. Right click on it and select properties. Open up the DLC tab, uncheck the box next to Not A Hero, the check it once more. The download should start momentarily.

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