Resident Evil 7 Repair Kit Location - How to fix broken weapons

Repair kit is an item in Resident Evil 7. It is used for fixing broken firearms. The broken weapons will have their names and description hidden until you have the kit in your inventory. Once used, the kit will disappear after the first use, so choose wisely. This guide is going to show you where to find repair kit in Resident Evil 7.

Repair Kit Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
Repair Kit in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Where to find the Repair Kit in RE7

The repair kit is inside the third large house. You’ll gain access to this area a bit further into the game. You’ll know the time is right once you collect the two keycards. The keycards are essential for getting through the locked door of the house.

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Gaining access to the locked house is only half the work. To discover the true location of the Repair Kit, you’ll need the correct Treasure Photo.

Now we backtrack a little more. Inside the main house, the first one you find yourself in, on the second floor, there is a Master Bedroom, as well as a Storage room. These are the two rooms you’ve had to enter in order to get the red keycard.

Inside the Storage, to your left, on the a red stool, is a Treasure Photo. Pick it up, if you haven’t already.

Finally, we come to the point where you can collect the Repair Kit. With the correct Treasure Photo, head into the third house – the one called Testing Area. The one you’ve unlocked with the blue and red keycard.

In the fourth room, the second corner on your right is the location from the photo. Interact with the mannequin head. It will move, revealing the kit’s location.

There’s another repair kit you can snag as soon as you’re out of the main house. When you exit the trailer, go towards the main house. Between the two sets of stairs, you’ll see a metal panel covering something. Remove it, and enter the crawlspace. The repair kit is in the crate at the end of the tunnel.

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How to use repair kit in RE7

Put the repair kit and the broken firearm into the inventory. Combine the two items and you’ll be able to see the broken firearm’s description. After completing the process, you’ll get a new, working weapon.

After you fix the Broken Gun, you’ll get the M19 Handgun. If you don’t have the Broken Gun, you can find it on a bed, inside the trailer in the Yard.

The broken shotgun can be fixed to become the M21 Shotgun. Broken Shotgun is located on the second floor of the main house, inside Grandma’s Room. You’ll need the scorpion key to enter this room.

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  1. J

    There is a repair kit in the yard under the porch when you come out of the main house It is in between both steps you have to crouch down and remove the cover to find the crawl space you will be facing the main house in the yard. If your still having trouble finding it go to the trailer and face the house then walk in between both steps of the porch but you have to crouch down to remove the metal cover

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      Nolan Mitchell

      Hey, thanks man, Apreciate it!

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    There are two repair kits, the first being hidden behind a panel between the main house porch stairs.

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    On Madhouse difficulty there is an antique coin where the repair kit under the main house porch(The crawlspace between the steps) was. The Repair Kit has been moved to the left side of the main house (It will be to your right as you exit the main house, go down the steps and go into the small space between the guest and main house)

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