Resident Evil 7 How To Beat Marguerite in Old House

Marguerite is the wife of Jack Baker, and one of the bosses you’ll meet on your way. The final battle with her happens in the greenhouse near the Old House. She’s difficult to kill and very disturbing. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill Marguerite in the Old House in Resident Evil 7.

How To Beat Marguerite in Old House
Resident Evil 7 – How to Defeat Marguerite in Greenhouse

Resident Evil 7 Greenhouse Boss – How to Kill Marguerite

For this fight, you should have a lot of Shotgun ammo and Burner fuel. A grenade launcher with Fire rounds will help a lot, as well as Enhanced Pistol Ammo. This fight takes a long time, so get ready. Also, fair warning, this gets really disgusting. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

As you’re heading up the stairs to the greenhouse, Marguerite will burst through a boarded-up window. You can avoid her by stepping back quickly, but, if she does catch you, hit R2 when the game prompts you and shoot her.

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The greenhouse area itself is divided into two floors. You can freely go between them as you please, since there’s a lot of items scattered about. To open the bug-covered cupboards, just burn them with the flamethrower. However, since Marguerite is now a horrible spider-like creature, she can come at you from any direction. She can crawl on the walls and the ceiling, and attack from below, so be careful.

The best strategy is to find a corner to stand in. Make to find a place where Marguerite can’t surprise you from behind or above. You want a place where you can quickly maneuver from one attack point to the other. The best places to do so are, in our opinion, on the lower floor.

The best strategy against Marguerite is to fry her with the burner until she reveals her disgusting, hive-like nether regions, then switch to the Shotgun and keep firing. Don’t let her come too close, try to keep her at bay. Eventually, she’ll run outside, and you’ll hear her moan. That’s her giving birth to infected mosquitoes that will come for you. Kill them as best you can, then beware of her next attack. Rinse and repeat until you kill her.

The other strategy is to keep running around the area while burning and shooting at Marguerite, but that will take a much longer time. You’ll find more items, though, so it’s your choice.

Old House Marguerite Boss Fight on Madhouse Difficulty

There’s no real difference in the fight on Madhouse mode, strategically. It’s much harder, yes, but if you find a safe place to camp, you’ll do just fine. Keep roasting Marguerite, shoot at her hive-pelvis and heal yourself until you kill her. We highly recommend using Enhanced Pistol Ammo, though.

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