Resident Evil 7 How to Defeat Jack in The Morgue - Chainsaw Boss Battle

Jack Baker is the patriarch of the Baker family, and the most persistent boss you’ll fight. One of those occasions is in the Morgue. This fight is harder than the ones before. However, if you keep calm and use whatever advantage you have, you’ll kill him. In this guide, we’ll show you how to kill Jack in the Morgue in Resident Evil 7.

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Resident Evil 7 – How to Kill Jack in Morgue

Resident Evil 7 Morgue Boss – How to Beat Jack

A few notes before we begin. There’s some extra ammo and First Aid scattered around and in boxes, so make sure to explore as much as Jack will let you. Also, when you deal enough damage to him, Jack’s head will explode into a mush of flesh and faces. That’s when he’s at his most vulnerable, so save your hard-hitters (like the shotgun) for that. And, of course, don’t forget to heal when you’re in trouble. Let’s get into it.

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Once the fight starts, evade Jack’s attacks by strafing around the brick pillar in the center. There are carcasses hanging from the ceiling, so use those to stagger Jack when he lines up right. When he’s staggered, shoot him in the head with the Pistol or hack at it with the knife. Remember to aim carefully, you’ll need all the ammo you can get.

Eventually, his head will erupt into a grotesque face, for lack of a better term. Switch to your Shotgun immediately and fire off a couple of rounds. Then rinse and repeat. Note that you don’t have to use the carcasses to stun Jack, but it’ll be much easier that way.

After you deal enough damage, Jack will walk to a metal grate and pick up a pair of huge chainsaw scissors or garden shears. They hurt a lot, so be careful. If you’re feeling particularly lucky, you can evade the scissors by crouching and get the Duck If You Love Life hidden achievement.

Run around Jack to the place he got his weapon from and pick up a chainsaw of your own. The chainsaw deals sizable damage, and blocking with it protects you a lot. If you and Jack attack at the same time, you’ll both get staggered, but at least he won’t hurt you. However, you’ll need to rev the weapon up every now and then, so stay alert.

Just like before, use the carcasses to stun Jack, then cut him with the chainsaw. Once the monster face appears, you can either hit him with the chainsaw again, or shoot with the Shotgun if you have ammo left. At the end of the fight, you’ll cut him in half, and that’s the end of it. Use the ladders and get out of there.

Morgue Jack Boss Fight on Madhouse Difficulty

The fight proceeds pretty much the same as in Normal or Easy, just much harder. One thing that helps a lot is to craft Enhanced Handgun Ammo (combine Gunpowder with Strong Chem Fluid). Stagger Jack using the carcasses, then fire off one well-aimed Enhanced bullet into his head, and it will immediately burst into gore. Switch to the Shotgun and fire, just like above. Be very careful not to waste those bullets.

When you get to the chainsaw part, you can even ignore it, at least if you have ammo left. Keep doing the same thing, and Jack will eventually drop.

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  1. J

    I found that you don’t need to waste any ammo at all in this fight. In the beginning I just ran around, dodging his swings and hitting him with the body bags. Within minutes he breaks his shovel (after around 4-5 swings) then he goes over and rips the cage open. Then pickup the chainsaw and have at him as you described.

    1. A

      Thanks man. Any info helps…..

  2. B

    I’m wondering does jack still chase you through the house even after the morgue fight? He seemed to stay down after the morgue on easy but I’m wondering if it’s the same for madhouse?

    1. Do you want spoilers? Cause this is how you get spoilers.

  3. A

    So anyone else having a problem of not being able to use healing items in the fight? There’s no mention (that I could I find) on any website. Everyone keeps saying to just keep healing but it’s all greyed out for me. Any suggestions? Because it makes it pretty tough to survive the fight…any help/suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.

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