Resident Evil 7 VHS Tape Locations - Where to find videotapes

VHS tapes are items you’ll find throughout Resident Evil 7. When played on a VCR, they magically transport you into the footage, letting you play out the events from the tape. There are four of them in total, and they’re all important for the story. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Resident Evil 7 VHS tape locations, along with what you can expect to see on them.

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resident evil 7 vhs tape locations
Resident Evil 7 VHS tape locations

Derelict House Footage

This is the first tape you’ll find. It’s located on a table on the second floor of the guest house, next to the tape recorder. When you play it, you’ll see three men exploring the Baker guest house, talking about filming their haunted house TV show there. It will not end well for them.

Mia Tape

The second tape is on the bar in the recreation room, on the second floor of the main house. When you pop it in, you’ll get to play as Mia, trying to hide from Marguerite. If you manage to play through the whole thing without getting spotted, you’ll unlock the Can’t Catch Me trophy.

Happy Birthday Tape

Getting this one might not be easy. It’s in the attic of the main house. You’ll need the snake key to enter the kid’s room. Press the button on the table lamp to lower the ladder, then go up. The tape is in the cupboard. When you play it, you’ll get to solve a series of puzzles in an intricate room Lucas built to torture his prisoners. If you manage to complete them quickly enough, you’ll unlock the Out Before Desert achievement.

Old Videotape

The final tape is in the command room on the third floor of the wrecked ship. It will let you play as Mia, showing what happened aboard the ship after Evelyn escaped. It’s by far the longest one, and it will task you with containing the situation.

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