Resident Evil 7 New Game Plus Rumors

Resident Evil 7 is out, and players the world over are getting scared senseless as we speak. Rumors have started to spring up that there’s a new game plus mode for it. According to various anonymous posters on message boards, this mode allows you to play through the game again, after you’ve finished it. It should allow you to keep all your upgrades and items as well. We decided to investigate, and here’s what we found out.

resident evil 7 new game plus rumors
Resident Evil 7 New Game Plus

RE7 New Game Plus rumors debunked

As we’ve discovered for ourselves after beating the game, there is no New Game Plus. You can start over, and if you’ve beaten the game on normal, you’ll unlock the madhouse difficulty. However, this isn’t NG+ as such. You’ll lose all your stats, all the upgrades you’ve applied (including steroids and inventory extenders), all your weapons and items.

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Some things do carry over. They’re the rewards you get for beating the game. After you’ve unlocked them, they’ll be available on every subsequent playthrough, regardless of difficulty level. Here’s the full list and how to get them:

  • Albert-01R – A powerful handgun you get while fighting the final boss.
  • Secrets of Defense – An item that boosts your damage resistance. Unlocked by beating the game once.
  • Infinite Ammo – Obtained after beating the game on madhouse difficulty.
  • Walking Shoes – These increase your walking speed. They’re obtained by beating the game twice.
  • Circular Saw – A useful melee weapon.
  • X-Ray Glasses – Glasses that highlight collectibles (constant psychostimulant effect).

Keep in mind, you won’t have them from the start on your next playthrough. You’ll only be able to get them when you reach the first item box – they’ll be stashed inside. Apart from the unlock, your Mr. Everywhere records also carry over, so you don’t really need to shoot them all in a single playthrough to get the achievement.

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