Resident Evil 7 Blue & Red Keycard Locations - How to enter testing area

There are two keycards you’ll need to enter the testing area in Resident Evil 7. They’re well hidden, and you’ll have to sweat a lot in order to find them. Once you do, you can use them on the keypad near the trailer to enter the building where you’ll confront Lucas. In this guide, we’re going to show you the red & blue keycard locations in Resident Evil 7, to help you get into the testing area.

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resident evil 7 red blue keycard locations
Resident Evil 7 Keycard Locations

Red Keycard Location – How to enter the workshop

After you get the snake key, go to the master bedroom. It’s on the second floor of the main house. Once you’re in, approach the clock on the bedside table. Set it to 10:15. It will reveal a secret passage under the bed, which will lead you to the workshop. The keycard is on the table in the middle of the room, next to the animal corpse.

Antique Coin Locations

Blue Keycard Locations

The blue keycard is hidden in the attic of the main house. Go up to the second floor and use the snake key to enter the kid’s room. Pick up the table lamp and turn it upside down. Press the switch inside to lower the ladder. Climb up and solve the shadow painting puzzle – you need a man wielding an axe. It will open the dollhouse on the right. The keycard is inside.

Once you’ve got them both, return to the keypad near the trailer and use them. It doesn’t matter which one you use first – the gate will open and let you inside the testing area, where you’ll encounter Lucas.

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