Resident Evil 7 Shotgun Location - How to get M21 & M37 Shotguns

The shotgun in Resident Evil 7, like in any other Ressie game, is your best friend. Finding the shotgun will make your life much easier. However, getting it is not as easy as it seems. In this article, we’ll show you how to get the shotgun in RE 7 and the location of the Broken Shotgun.

RE 7 How to Get Shotgun
How to Get Shotgun in Resident Evil VII

Resident Evil 7 – How to Get Shotgun

You can find the shotgun in RE VII pretty early on. A statue on the far side of the Main Hall of the mansion is holding it in its arms. However, when you try to pick it up, the door closes behind you. To solve this puzzle, you’ll have to find the Scorpion Key in the basement. For detailed instructions on how to get it, check out our Scorpion Key location guide.

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Once you obtain the Scorpion Key, head to the Recreation room and use the Scorpion Key to unlock Grandma’s room. There’s a broken shotgun just left of the door. You can put this in the arms of the statue to keep the door from closing.

Pick up the broken shotgun and head back to the Main Hall of the mansion, where you met the Bakers for the first time. Head to the statue and pick up the shotgun. Then, go to your inventory and place the broken one in the statue’s hands. Enjoy blasting through the monsters with your M37 Shotgun.

How to Fix Broken Shotgun in Resident Evil 7

Yes, you can even fix the broken shotgun. However, to do that, you’ll need to get the model shotgun. For that, you’ll have to obtain the Snake key after you kill Marguerite. If you’re having trouble finding it, check out our Snake Key Location guide.

After you get the Snake key, head to the second floor of the house and the Kid’s room. Unlock the door with the Snake key, head inside and look around. You’ll see a lamp on the table. Turn it around and you’ll find a red switch. Press it, and head up the ladder. Up there, in one of the corners, you’ll find the model shotgun on a shelf. Collect it and head back to the statue. Switch the model shotgun for the broken shotgun.

Then, go find a repair kit. You can find one in a loose panel in the stairs leading up to the house. Use it to repair the broken shotgun, and you’ll get a M21. It doesn’t have as much ammo, but it deals more damage.

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  1. D
    David D Davidson

    *You do not need the snake key to get the double barrelled shotgun*
    To get the double barrelled shotgun *early in the game, before the bug house* all you need to do is get the scorpion key and the three dog’s heads.
    Once you have both of these, simply go outside to the yard and find the hidden crawlspace (hidden behind a corrugated iron sheet), there is a box with a repair kit in there. After getting this you simply need to either pick the broken shotgun up from grandma’s room or grab it from the statue and swap the pump-action shotty for it. After that, repair the broken shotgun. No snake key or toy shotgun needed.
    You will be limited to either having the double-barrel or the pump-action until you get the snake key and the toy shotgun and using that repair kit means you have to wait until you can repair the broken handgun. However the magnum is easy enough to get after the first battle with mommy if you’ve not spent the coins on ‘roids or stabs and packs a whole lotta punch.
    It’s a bit of a trade-off but if you want a boomstick early, this is the way to do it!

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