Resident Evil 7 How to Defeat Multiple Molded Guide

Resident Evil 7 Molded are one of the enemies you’ll fight in the game. They are tough to take down, especially when they gang up on you. The most difficult encounter happens in the Boiler Room. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat multiple Molded in RE 7, how to escape Molded.

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How to Defeat Multiple Molded Guide
RE VII How to Defeat Multiple Molded

RE 7 Multiple Molded – How to Defeat Them

Oddly enough, the easiest way to get rid of the Molded is to be a pacifist. In the Boiler Room, where the most problematic encounter happens, there are doors. Molded can’t open them. Additionally, there’s enough room for you to run around the Molded. Simply make your way around them, close the door behind you, and you’re safe. This will save you a lot of trouble and ammo. Besides, after you complete a certain part of the story, the Molded will respawn, so it’s debatable if killing them is worth it.

If you really want (or need) to take the Molded down, there are several ways to do so. The easiest way is to get the shotgun. To do that, get the Broken Shotgun and put it in the place of the one you want. Once you have it, unleash it on the Molded. Make sure you focus on one at a time, as you’ll have a much more difficult time otherwise. Try to bottleneck them to make it easier for you, but don’t forget to have an exit strategy. Don’t forget to aim for the head and to block if they try to hit you. Make every shot count, since shotgun ammo is hard to come by.

The other option is to use the handgun. This will take significantly longer, of course, but it’s not impossible. Make sure you have plenty of ammo; that goes without saying. Again, focus on killing one at a time. Scattering your fire and panicking will only lead to wasted ammo. Stay calm and keep shooting. You’ll spend a lot of ammo, but they’ll go down eventually, and you can make more ammo. Again, don’t forget to block when they try to hit you.

If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, or have run out of other options, you can kill them with the knife. Block their attack, hit them once or twice, then block again. Don’t get too greedy, since you’ll leave yourself wide open. Word of caution, though: This will take forever. This time around, it’s essential that you focus on one Molded until it drops. Blocking and fighting in close quarters might help, but be careful not to let them corner you. Always make sure to have an escape route.

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  1. M

    There is an easier way to kill the molded without completely using up your shotgun shells or pistol ammo. This works on any difficulty, including madhouse. When you encounter a molded, simply use the pistol to blow a leg off (I always go for their left leg by habit). As they fall to the ground, QUICKLY pull out your knife, crouch in front of them, and stab (strong attack) them in their ugly face. If done correctly, they will die in one stab from the knife after losing a leg. If you miss you thrust attack, DO NOT try it again. Simply back off, wait for them to leap towards you, and quickly crouch and stab again. Takes a little practice, but after you master it, it becomes very easy to quickly kill them off. Within 5 hours of the game, I only needed to budget 4-5 rounds of pistol ammo for each molded enemy after figuring this trick out. It gets even better after you acquire enhanced rounds, as you only need around 2 to blow a leg off. You can use this trick when there are multiple molded attacking you if you are skilled enough. Just be patient. This won’t work on the 4 legged ones, as they are very fast and usually die after one or two shots to the head anyways. I know this is a difficult game, and I hope this helps some people out.

    1. D

      I agree with this strategy. It works best in the early game, where you can explore in peace while saving ammo for the boss fights. When I have to deal with more than one, I tend to bottleneck (as said in the guide) then kill them one by one. Just be cautious of space and escape routes.

  2. G

    I agree boys, this strategy works Perfect! Just need to go down into the basement and get your hands dirty, and try the tactics explained in this post. Trust me, it works =)

  3. M
    Mason Anaya

    Glad to see that other players like it as well. I actually figured this trick out in an act of desperation, as I had managed to dismember a molded with my last bullet. While you may not need to be as calculated on the lower difficulty settings, it is imperative that you conserve absolutely everything on madhouse, because the enemies are able to withstand a horrifying amount of damage before finally dying. You can Imagine the sense of relief that this discovery provided as I pushed on through. Anyways, Good luck to all the players who read this. Don’t quit!

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