Find the House with the Red Chimney Resident Evil Village

Find the house with the red chimney is the objective you get when you return to the village after exploring Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. As you enter the village for the second time you’ll talk to the merchant at the Duke’s Emporium. He instructs you to find the house with the red chimney on the western side of the village. This is part of the main story. If you plan on progressing further into the game then you have to find the red chimney house. People that played the free demo before the release of the full game talked about this house. They couldn’t explore it either. We’ll explain where and how to find the house with the red chimney in Resident Evil village.

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Find House with Red Chimney Resident Evil Village

Where to Find Red Chimney House in Resident Evil Village?

Red chimney house in Resident Evil Village is located in central part of the village just south of the Maiden of War statue. Accessing it is a whole different story. You’ll have to move southeast towards the workshop and then you’ll have a tractor blocking your way. Once you can get past that you’ll have to open the gate to the house south of the red chimney one. Climbing up the ladder onto the rooftop of that house enables you to reach the red chimney house.

resident evil village red chimney house location map

How to move the tractor on the road to the red chimney house?

From the Maiden of War statue move towards southeast, as marked on the map screenshot bellow. You need to reach the workshop area. It is behind a gate with a lock on it that you can break with your knife. There’s locker inside a shack in the workshop area with a combination lock on it. The code is found by looking through the window of the shack. If you still can’t see it read the next paragraph.

How to move the tractor on the road to the red chimney house

You’ll see number 070408 on the building behind the window and the window itself. Once you input this code in the lock you’ll get M1911 pistol and a jack handle. Go back west towards the tractor and use the jack handle to raise it. Pick up the winged key found on the back of the tractor. As you crawl underneath the tractor keep going west. Watch out for an ambush.

Resident Evil Village Workshop locker combination lock code

How to reach the red chimney house?

You should now see a gate requiring Iron Insignia Key to open. You should have picked up this key in Castle Dimitrescu a while back. As soon as you enter the gate you should see a ladder to your right. Climb it to reach the roof. You are now just a jump away from the red chimney house. To enter it you can use the ladder to climb on top of its roof. There’s a hole in the roof you can use to enter the house. You’ll find another part of the winged key inside it.

You’ll now be able to unlock the house door from the inside as well as the gate to the main village square with the Maiden of War statue. Combine the winged key you found on the tractor with the one inside the red chimney house. This creates the Four-Winged key you must now take to the Duke. This progresses the main story further.

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