Resident Evil Village Iron Insignia Key Location

Iron Insignia Key is one of the key items in Resident Evil Village you will have to find to be able to open various doors throughout the game. You’ll need it to leave the Opera Hall itself. It is needed for opening the door that the treasure map leads to in the dungeon. You’ll need it when you come back to the village to reach the workshop. When it comes to keys Iron Insignia one is among more important ones in the game. We’ll help you get the Resident Evil Village Iron Insignia key with this short but sweet guide.

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Resident Evil Village Iron Insignia Key Location

How to get Iron Insignia Key in Resident Evil Village?

To get the Iron Insignia Key in Resident Evil Village you will have to solve the piano puzzle. This puzzle is found inside the Opera Hall of Castle Dimitrescu. You reach it after you first get thrown into the dungeon by Lady Dimitrescu. As you exit the dungeon you’ll reach the courtyard. From there you can use the Dimitrescu key and enter the section of the house with the Opera hall. You’ll recognize the hall by the impressive grand piano in it. You can examine the piano and you’ll see some notes in front of you. Move up and down the keys to play the melody. If you need help check out our piano puzzle guide.

Once you play the melody correctly you then get the Iron Insignia Key. You can now use it to leave the opera hall and continue your adventure. To recapitulate, you need to have reached the balcony of castle Dimitrescu. You’ll find the Dimitrescu key there. Then the Lady captures you and throws you into the dungeon. Once out off the dungeon and back in the courtyard use the Dimitrescu key to enter the new section of the house where you solve the piano puzzle and get the Iron Ingisnia key.

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