Mask of Pleasure Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Mask of Pleasure is one of the four such items that you’ll need in order to open the doors of Castle Dimitrescu and continue on your journey. Out of the four masks that you need to find, this one is perhaps the most difficult. It requires you to find a specific key, and then rush into the correct room with Lady Dimitrescu patrolling the perimeter. On top of that, you have to solve a puzzle to exit the room once you get the mask. With all that said, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Mask of Pleasure and how to exit the Hall of Pleasure.

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mask of pleasure resident evil village
Mask of Pleasure Resident Evil Village

Where to Find Mask of Pleasure in Resident Evil Village

To find the Resident Evil Village Mask of Pleasure, the first order of business is to find Dimitrescu’s Key. To do that, play through the game until you exit the wine cellar via the Distillery and find yourself on the Terrace. This will, at long last, lead you into Dimitrescu’s Chamber. Enter the chamber from the balcony and explore the place. There’s a diary, an empty crib and, most importantly, the key hanging off the candelabra on the wall.

Now, find your way back into the Main Hall (don’t forget the piano puzzle in the Opera Room). Run past Lady Dimitrescu (she won’t go away, you have to make a break for it), up the long staircase, and book it to the right. Go through the door with the white face on the left, then straight for the door with the golden emblem. Use the Dimitrescu Key on it, and you’ll be in the Hall of Pleasure. Pick up the Resident Evil Mask of Pleasure from the statue.

How to Exit Hall of Pleasure

To exit the Hall of Pleasure, you need to find something to put on the statue where the Resident Evil 8 Mask of Pleasure used to be. To do that, crawl through the fireplace to the right of the statue and proceed into the Armory. Once in there, collect the few things that are inside, and get ready for a battle. When that’s done, look above the Armory fireplace, take of the mounted skull, and examine it. There’s a bolt in the back which you can unscrew to get the skull off. Then, just put it on the statue, and be on your way. If you need more detailed instructions, check out our How to Exit Hall of Pleasure guide.

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