Four-Winged Unborn Key Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Four-Winged Unborn Key is used to progress the main story. You’ll be collecting its pieces through a better part of the first half of the game. First, you need to assemble the four-winged key. You’ll then need to visit house Beneviento. While solving puzzles there you will get the four-winged unborn key. It is a long winded process, but that’s the only way to open the gate that leads to Moreau section of the game. We’ll try and help you through it all. Here’s a full walkthrough to finding and assembling the Four-Winged Unborn Key in Resident Evil Village.

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Four Winged Unborn Key Resident Evil Village

Where to find the Four Winged Key?

You get the first part of the four winged key once you exit Castle Dimitrescu. You’ll go through an underground passage and come across the old hag. Once that cutscene ends you’ll see a chest on the table with the picture of what looks like Virgin Mary. Inside it is the Winged key. Duke tells you to find the house with a red chimney next. There’s a long winded way of getting to it and we’ve explained it in our find the house with the red chimney guide. Once you get inside it look at the chest on the table and examine the other part of the winged key. As you rotate it you’ll get a prompt to examine it. This will combine two pieces of the key into a four-winged key. You can now unlock the door to the garden and house Beneviento.

How to get the Four-Winged Unborn Key?

Four-winged unborn key is obtained once you solve the doll puzzle and defeat the boss in house Beneviento. Until you’ve finished this whole section you can’t progress with the main story anyways. Once you defeat the boss look at its remains. You should be able to pick up a key. Many think that this is the Resident Evil Village Four-Winged Unborn Key, but the truth is that you are not done yet. You need to examine it. Rotate it in examination mode until you get a prompt for interaction. Only now can you combine the four-winged key you got earlier and this one into the four winged unborn key. You can now unlock the gate south of the Duke’s Emporium in the village.

resident evil village four winged unborn key location
You need to examine the key you get from the boss in house Beneviento to get the four-winged unborn key.

Story of the winged key does not stop here. Once you finish the section with Moreau you will obtain the six-winged unborn key. Process is the same as with the previous ones. Pick it up and examine it. Rotate until you get an interaction prompt. Combining it with the four winged unborn key creates the final key. Winged keys in Resident Evil Village are the main item for you to progress the main story with. I hope this little guide helped you achieve that.

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    Hakeem Muhammad

    Now I have combined the two items to create the four winged key but when I try to open the gate it still says “The key wont fit. Its decorated with a four winged being.” Well I have the four winged key. Not sure whats the problem here.

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      U need to combine the key after beating the doll in the creepy doll house x

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