Treasure Under the Stronghold RE8

Resident Evil 8 Village treasure under the stronghold is one of a number of treasures that you can find scattered around the map. This one in particular has been giving people trouble, because the map makes it seem like it’s much easier to find than it is. In reality, you’ll have to explore the bowels of the Lycan-infested stronghold to get your hands on this prize. To make things easier for you, here’s our Treasure Under the Stronghold RE8 guide.

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treasure under the stronghold re8
Treasure Under the Stronghold RE8

Treasure Under the Stronghold Resident Evil Village

To get the RE8 treasure under the Stronghold, you actually have to go way deep into the area. Yes, it looks like it’s right there as soon as you enter, inside a pillar, but it’s not. Instead, you’ll have to battle your way through dozens of Lycans until you reach a large, circular room in the north of the 2F area of the Stronghold. Once you get there, you’ll see a long, spiral staircase going down. Follow it as far as it goes (don’t miss the Goat of Warding) and then into the cave going south. Use the save point and go through the red door.

At this point of your hunt for the Resident Evil Village treasure under the Stronghold, you’ll have to fight a boss Lycan. He’s huge, and has an even bigger hammer that he wants to splat you with. After you beat him, collect his hammer, then proceed to the south through the crystal cave. You’re almost at the RE8 treasure under the Stronghold. Collect the Torso Flask, observe the vision, then keep going down further. Look to your left to find a gold plate in front of an icon. Collect the treasure and be on your way.

If at any point of your journey to the Resident Evil Village treasure under the stronghold, check out our video below for visual assistance. In case something else in the game is bothering you, check out some of our other RE8 Village guides. For example, we’ve written Fish Locations – Finest Fish, Crystal Torso, and many others.

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