Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding Locations - Heretic Trophy

In Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding are a type of collectible. The game says they are an offer to protect the village and its people. Any who break them shall feel Mother Miranda’s wrath! You are supposed to destroy them each time you come across one. Smashing one will give you the Cynic trophy. Getting all twenty will complete the Heretic achievement. They are scattered throughout the game. You might have trouble finding them and to avoid needing to play through the game several times, just to collect all these, we’ll show you all the locations of Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding by area.

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Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding Locations Heretic Trophy

Village Goats of Warding Locations – Resident Evil 8

#1 The first Resident Evil Village goat collectible you’ll come across is found just after the lycan attack and once you talk to the old hag. You’ll find it just past the Maiden of War statue in the Village, near the entrance to the graveyard. Approach it and then smash it with your knife. Better than to waste your precious ammo. It is inside a shrine and explains that you shouldn’t destroy them, which, of course, you’ll disregard.

illage Goats of Warding Locations Resident Evil 8

#2 Next one is on a rooftop of a nearby house. Continue a few paces north, past the graveyard, and before the big gate turn right. You should be looking at the church inside the graveyard. Look to the rooftops and you should see a little goat statue there. Shoot it with your gun.

#3 If you go inside the church and continue through it, you should come out near a wheat field. This is called the Fallow Plot on the map. Keep going east, past the field, until you reach a shack and a wall behind it. There’s another Goat of Warding on top of the wall.

You’ll have to open the Dimitrescu Castle gate and exit the underground section to reach the next Resident Evil Village Goat of Warding. As soon as you exit the underground look to your right. There’s a Vineyard with scarecrows. In the corner is the goat. Approach it and then shoot it to collect it.

resident evil village goats vineyard

Castle Dimitrescu Goats of Warding Locations – Resident Evil Village

You’ll have to go through the whole first Castle Dimitrescu section before you reach another Resident Evil Village Goats statue. You’ll have to obtain the courtyard key and exit into the courtyard. From there the only open door is the one to the northeast. You are inside Hall of Ablution. Go upstairs and explore until you find a room with four statues and a pool of blood/wine. Solve the Hall of Ablution statue puzzle and go down the ladder. Goat of warding should be right across the ladder.

To collect the next goat you’ll also have to use a ladder. This time you’ll be climbing up it to the attic. You have to solve the 5 bells puzzle. This will open up a large painting and reveal a hidden passage behind it. Climb the ladder there and then turn towards the ladder to destroy another Goat of Warding found on top of some wooden boxes.


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