Crimson Glass Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Crimson Glass is a treasure that you can find fairly early in the game, if you have the wherewithal to see it. As it turns out, the glass is in a dark corner in one of the fairly early sections of Castle Dimitrescu, but given the circumstances you’ll be in, you can easily miss it. That being the case, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Crimson Glass in Resident Evil 8 and how you use it once you do obtain it.

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crimson glass resident evil village
Crimson Glass Resident Evil Village

Where to Find Crimson Glass in Resident Evil Village

To find the Resident Evil 8 Crimson Glass, you need to go into the Bedchamber in Castle Dimitrescu. When you first enter the castle, the game will railroad you in your exploration. All the doors are locked, is what I mean. Eventually, you’ll come across an ornate door with a sign that you can read real quick before Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters come and grab you. After the cutscene is done, you’ll find yourself hanging in the bedchamber. Look up towards your hands and interact with them to get yourself off the hooks.

When you’re on solid ground again, time to find the Resident Evil Village Crimson Glass. At the bottom of the bed, there’s an armchair and desk. Look at the desk, and that’s where the glass is. In case you missed it at first, don’t worry. You can backtrack to the bedchamber later on.

How to Use Crimson Glass in Resident Evil 8

To use the Crimson Glass in Resident Evil 8, all you can really do with it is sell it in the Duke’s Emporium. Much like the Crystal Skulls and the Beneviento Treasure, the only thing the glass is good for is extra Lei. Which, to be fair, you will need for some of the more expensive stuff, like increasing your inventory space. So, once you get the Resident Evil Village Crimson Glass, head over to the nearest merchant outpost and exchange it for Lei. Go into the Duke’s Purse section, select the glass, and see how much you can get. Trust me, you will need it, especially on higher difficulties.

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