Labyrinth Puzzle Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Labyrinth Puzzles are special puzzles that you can solve to get valuable rewards – Crimson Skull, Onyx Skull, Chartreuse Skull and Bister Skull. The problem is that there are two elements to these puzzles – the labyrinths themselves, and the specific balls that they all need – Flower Swords ball, Sun and Moon ball, Mermaid ball, and Iron Horse ball. So, in our Resident Evil 8 labyrinth puzzle guide, we’re going to show you where to find the labyrinths in Castle Dimitrescu, the Garden, Moreau Drowned Houses, and Heisenberg’s Factory, as well as where to find their balls.

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labyrinth puzzle resident evil village
Labyrinth Puzzle Resident Evil Village

Labyrinth Puzzle Castle Dimitrescu – Flower Swords Ball

To solve the Castle Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village labyrinth puzzle, the first step is to find the Flower Swords Ball. You can find this item in the area above the Opera Hall. Climb up the stairs between the Library and the Opera Hall, then head through the door on the left. Explore the balcony on the left side of the hall, and you’ll find a room with a busted labyrinth puzzle at the end of the hallway. The ball is right next to it.

The Castle Dimitrescu labyrinth puzzle is in the Merchant Room, to the west of the Entrance Hall. When you solve the puzzle (just tilt the castle left and right to get the ball to the little flag), the cabinet will open, and you can pick up the Crimson Skull as a reward. Sell it to the Duke for 8,000 Lei.

Resident Evil Village Labyrinth Puzzle in Garden – Sun and Moon Ball

In order to complete the Garden labyrith puzzle in Resident Evil Village, you need to find the Sun and Moon ball. From the Suspension Bridge, as you walk to the west, keep an eye out for the shack on the left. Go behind the shack and to the tree with a couple of gravestones around it. Open the box laying on the ground to find the ball. Now, backtrack a little and head to the north where you can. You’ll find another house there, and inside it is the Garden labyrinth. When you solve it, you’ll get the Onyx Skull as a reward. Sell it for 15,000 Lei.

Moreau Drowned Houses Labyrinth Puzzle Resident Evil 8 – Mermaid Ball

The first step, as always, is to find the ball that corresponds to the Resident Evil 8 Village Moreau Drowned Houses Labyrinth Puzzle. In this case, it’s the Mermaid Ball. After you beat Moreau and are back to the village, open the gate to the east with the crank and explore the area. The ball will be in an offering stand in one of the dead ends. Now that you have that, double back to the place where you opened the gate with the crank. Go to the back of the shack to find the Garden labyrinth in a shed. Solving the puzzle rewards you with the Chartreuse Skull, which you can sell for 20,000 Lei.

Labyrinth Puzzle Resident Evil Village Heisenberg’s Factory – Iron Horse Ball

The fourth and final Resident Evil 8 labyrinth puzzle, in Heisenberg’s Factory, is the hardest for several reasons, including getting the Iron Horse Ball. You can’t actually find it anywhere. Instead, you need to find the Ball Mold in a side room that you can access from the Grinder Shaft. Then, proceed into the bowels of the factory until you reach the Foundry. Place the mold into the smelter, and you’ll finally get the ball.

From there, head back to the final Resident Evil Village labyrinth puzzle (location below). Solving it will give you the Bister Skull. Sell it to the Duke for 30,000 Lei. If you have trouble with any of the steps we’ve laid out, watch our video below for extra assistance.

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