Resident Evil Village Rooftop Items

You need to collect all Resident Evil Village rooftop items to have that area shown as cleared on your map. It annoys the bejesus out of me not to be able to clear an area out. It usually means I forgot some important item behind or, God forbid, a key item. Bwisdes, this is what makes Resident Evil games what they are. There are many sections of the Resident Evil Village map that take a while to clear. One of those sections is the rooftop of Castle Dimitrescu. You’ll visit it on your way trying to get the Mask of Rage and escape the castle. We’ll show you where every Resident Evil Village rooftop item is, so you can clear the area and continue your adventure carefree.

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Resident Evil Village Rooftop Items

Resident Evil Village Rooftop Items Locations

You reach the rooftop after you solve the 5 bells puzzle and go through the attic. You’ll need to collect six items to clear the Resident Evil Village rooftop area. Most of them are inside vases you need to break. As you pick up the sniper rifle and exit onto the rooftop go straight until you reach the elevator. Before the elevator turn left and there’s a break in the stone rampart. Make your way through it and onto the rooftop and to the left. Break the vase there. Go back to the elevator and go behind it for another vase. Next one is past the elevator and to the right.

resident evil village rooftop items map

Now take the path around the tower and towards east. When you reach the end of the path climb up the roof. There’s gunpowder on the outside ledge of the big tower to your right. Turn west and look at the smaller tower. You should see a familiar shine of a crystal fragment. Shoot it and pick up the crystal. Go across the roof north and the last vase is there. This should clear Resident Evil Village rooftop items and you can go pick up the Mask of Rage. You can also go clear out the courtyard items with the help of our youtube video.

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