Courtyard Items Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Courtyard items and treasures are the several things that you can find strewn around the area. The majority of them are in vases, but there are two items that are really well-hidden. Since they’re so hard to find, figuring out where to find the Resident Evil 8 courtyard items and treasures. It’s not a big deal, but it does mean that the area will stay red instead of blue. So, for all you completionists, will show you where all the items are.

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courtyard items resident evil village
Courtyard Items Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Courtyard Items & Treasure

There’s a total of five treasures and courtyard items in Resident Evil Village for you to find. Three of them are very easy – there are vases in the northeast, northwest, and southwest corners of the area. They’re hard to miss, and you can get neat little bits and bobs from them, such as Shotgun Ammo, Metal Scraps, and Rusted Scrap. While that’s all nice, there’s more to be found Things get a bit more complicated here. In the south of the Courtyard, look up and you’ll find a birdcage hanging from the ceiling. Shoot it and collect the 1,000 Lei from the ground. Lastly, look in the southwest corner of the center, and look for the herb among the other plants. Those are all the Resident Evil 8 Courtyard Items. It’s not much overall, but at least the area will now be blue.

resident evil village courtyard items treasure
Courtyard items & treasure locations (click or tap to expand)

So, that’s where you find the Resident Evil Village Courtyard last item, which will likely be either the herb or the birdcage. Check out the image above or the video below to see exactly where they are. Another area that might be giving you similar trouble are the Rooftops. If that’s the case, check out our Rooftop Item Locations guide. In case something else in the game is giving you headaches, we’ve got a ton of other guides for you to check out, including Labyrinth Puzzle and Doll Puzzle – House Beneviento.

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