Lockpick Location - Resident Evil 8 Village Escape the Dungeon

During the section where you escape the dungeon in Resident Evil 8 Village, you need to find a lockpick. This is necessary in order to open a box that allows you to unlock your way out of the dungeon. This is easier said than done, because to get the lockpick, you first have to get your hands on a bolt cutter. However, it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere, no matter how hard you look. Well, you need to follow a few set steps to get it to trigger. We’ll show you exactly what to do in our Lockpick Location – Resident Evil 8 Village Escape the Dungeon guide.

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lockpick location resident evil 8 village escape the dungeon
Lockpick Location – Resident Evil 8 Village Escape the Dungeon

Where to Find Lockpick in Resident Evil 8 Village

Update: We have found 10 Lockpick locations – detailed guide Lockpick Locations – Resident Evil 8 Village.
To find the Resident Evil 8 Village lockpick location during the Escape the Dungeon sequence, you first need to exit your cell. To do that, crouch down and crawl through the hole in the wall into the adjacent cell. Open the door, and explore the entire area, especially to the right. Go through the entire hallway, and make special note of the dead woman in a red skirt. She’ll be in one of the cells on the right. Keep going through the hallway until you find the big orange box next to the closed door. Examine it, and you’ll hear a sound very much like a dead woman in a red skirt keeling over.

So, go back to her body, and you’ll see that she’s indeed moved. Don’t think to much about it. In her back, you’ll see a pair of Bolt Cutters. Take them out of her, then exit the cell and go to the left. The first door on the left will have a chain around the lock. That’s where the Resident Evil 8 Village lockpick location is in the Escape the Dungeon section. So, go ahead and use the Bolt Cutters to open it. Enter the cell and examine the huge bucket of blood next to the spiky chair. Ethan will fish the lockpick out of it. All that’s left to do is return to the orange box and unlock it with your new tool. You’re on your own from there.

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