Resident Evil Village Luiza Key - Luiza's Heirloom Treasure Location

Resident Evil Village Luiza Key is picked up when you search Luiza’s Heirloom Treasure. These treasures get unlocked the second time you visit the main village from the beginning of the game. You also need to complete the main story quest step that asks you to find the house with the red chimney. You’ll combine the three pieces of winged key inside it. This progresses the story and reveals various treasures in the game. One of them is Luiza’s Heirloom treasure. We’ll help you get Resident Evil Village Luiza’s key and show you where to use it.

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Resident Evil Village Luiza Key Luizas Heirloom Treasure Location

Resident Evil Village Luiza’s Key Location

You met Luiza at the beginning of the game. She helped you find shelter from the monsters in her house. Her house is directly east of the Maiden of War statue in the center of the village. Go past the wheat field called Fallow Plot. Big house directly east of it is Luiza’s house. The second time you come to the village you’ll see a treasure icon on your map there. As you make your way there be sure to equip your hardest hitting weapon. There’s a big monster ahead. Once you defeat it you’ll get the Leader of the Pack trophy. Keep going forward and you’ll see Luiza’s house is burned down. In front of it is a box with Luiza’s necklace.

Resident Evil Village Luizas Key Location

Pick the necklace up and then go into your inventory to examine it. If you look at it from the front you should be able to interact with it. You can pick up the Necklace stone. To get Luiza’s key you have to inspect the necklace once again. Go into your inventory and repeat the necklace inspection. This time, with the stone removed, you’ll see the key there. Pick it up. This also crosses off Luiza’s Heirloom treasure on your map.

Where to use Luiza’s Key?

Luiza’s key is used on a treasure box on the completely different side of the village. You need to reach Lone Road. It is in the west of the village. You passed through there as you were exiting Castle Dimitrescu. Along the Lone road are some rooms carved into stone with religious paintings on the walls. Inside one of them is a locked treasure chest. Go to the location marked on the map bellow and then unlock the chest. You’ll get Cesare’s Goblet. It is an antique goblet that was treasured by Cesare, one of the four founders. You can sell it at the Duke’s emporium for 19000 lei. You have now solved the mystery of Resident Evil Village Luiza Key and can continue your adventure. Now that you’ve completed Luiza’s Heirloom treasure you can maybe check out Beneviento’s Treasure next.

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