Luthier's Key Resident Evil Village - Open Violin Door

Luthier’s Key in Resident Evil Village is used to open the violin door house in the south of the village. You’ll come across this house if you explore the village a bit more in detail. There’s a fence door in front of the estate with a note on it. Note says that the house is locked due to missing home owner. Once you come back to the village for the second time and unlock treasures on your map by finding the house with the red chimney and assembling the winged key you’ll see that this house also has Maestro’s Collection treasure in it. We’ll show you where to find Luthier’s key in Resident Evil Village and how to open the violin door.

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Luthiers Key Resident Evil Village Open Violin Door

Where to find Luthiers Key in Resident Evil Village?

Luthier’s key is found in the garden. Garden is located west and a bit north of the Duke’s Emporium in the village. To access it you’ll have to have assembled the four-winged key. This is done by following the main story. You’ll get the first part of this key once you exit Castle Dimitrescu. Second part is found on a tractor on your way to the house with a red chimney. Final part is found inside the house with the red chimney. You can now use this key to open the gate leading to the garden. Follow the road until you reach the house marked on the map bellow. Inside it is a save point and right next to it is Luthier’s key.

Luthiers Key Resident Evil Village map

How to open the Violin Door?

Now that you have Luthier’s key go back to the house with Maestro’s Collection treasure and open violin door. Inside you’ll find a cupboard with a combination lock on it. It contains the treasure, but what is the lock code? To help you find it there’s a small torn note saying that the maestro will never forget his daughter’s fifth birthday. That could be the code to the lock. Check out the inside of the house. Concentrate on the walls. If you still can’t find it read the next paragraph.

resident evil village open violin door

The code is found on a child’s drawing hanging on the wall. It shows the girl’s birthday. Input 270917 into the combination lock. You’ll find Steel Hraesvelgr treasure that you can sell to the merchant. M1911 gun is also inside. You can see a video showing Luthiers Key Resident Evil Village location and more on our Youtube channel.

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