Resident Evil Village Maestro's Collection Treasure Code

Resident Evil Village Maestro’s Collection treasure is found inside alocked house in the west of the village, behind a code lock. You’ll first have to find the key to open this house that the game says is locked due to missing home owner. Even if you managed to find the key earlier there’s a cupboard inside that has a code lock on it. You’ll have to both find the key and the code to get your hands on the treasure. We’ll help you with both of these tasks. We’ll try avoiding spoilers and give you hints. In the end you’ll get all information needed to get your hands on Resident Evil Village Maestro’s Collection treasure.

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Resident Evil Village Maestros Collection Treasure Code

Red Door with Violin Luthier’s Key Location – Open House Locked Due to Missing Home Owner

House with red doors and a violin on the door is located south of the Maiden of War statue found in the middle of village. You’ll need to get Luthier’s key in order to open it. To get it you’ll first have to unlock access to the Garden section of the game. Once you do that there’s a house there with the tape recorder save point. Next to it is the Luthier’s key. This will happen during your second visit to the village when merchant asks you to create a key and reveals additional bosses on the map. You’ll then get access to the garden, which is on the way to Beneviento house to the west.

Maestro’s Collection Resident Evil 8 Village – Maestro’s treasure code

Now that you’ve entered the house you’ll see a code lock on the cupboard that you can examine. Maestro’s treasure code is easy to spot if you carefully look all around the house. You’ll notice a ntorn note saying he will never forget her fifth birthday. To avoid spoiling it I suggest you look at the pictures hanging on the walls. For those of you impatient enough read the next paragraph.

Maestros Collection Resident Evil 8 Village

You are looking for a children’s drawing with a birthdate written on it. The birthdate is the Resident Evil Village Maestro’s Collection treasure code. Go back to the cupboard and spin the lock until you have 270917 on it. This will unlock the cupboard and you’ll find the Steel Hræsvelgr and F2 rifle high-capacity magazine. This crosses of Maestro’s Collection treasure on the map.

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