Riverbank Treasure House Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 8 Riverbank Treasure House is a hidden location that you can discover if you have the right items, and it houses one of the treasure chests. It’s one of the more complicated chests to find, first of all because the place is hard to find, but also because there’s a puzzle that you have to solve at the very end that might have some of you stumped. That’s why we’ve put together our Riverbank Treasure House Resident Evil Village guide to help you along.

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riverbank treasure house resident evil village
Riverbank Treasure House Resident Evil Village

How to Get Resident Evil Village Riverbank Treasure House Chest

To get the Riverbank Treasure House treasure in Resident Evil Village, you first need to go through Moreau’s area and pick up the boat key and the crank on your way. After you beat Moreau and return to the overall village area, go to the west of the village, down the Lone Road, and look to the north. There, you’ll find a drawbridge using the crank. Head down to the boat, hop in, and sail it to the north until you reach another dock. Disembark and head ashore. On the left, you’ll see another drawbridge leading towards Castle Dimitrescu, and on the right, there’s a mausoleum of sorts. Enter the mausoleum.

Once you enter the mausoleum, you’ll find a familiar sight – a hanging brazier that’s burning, and a few standing ones that you need to light. How? By shooting the hanging brazier so that it swings to the unlit ones. The one on the left unlocks a room that’s heaving with Lei for you to collect, and the right one opens a room where a single enemy keeps respawning. Once both braziers are lit, your way to the Resident Evil 8 Riverbank Treasure House chest is almost open. The central door will open, revealing another standing brazier that needs fire.

However, the issue is that the hanging brazier can’t reach that far no matter how hard you swing it. Instead, you have to bait one of the enemies that keep pouring out of the aforementioned room, light them on fire using the hanging torch, then kite them towards the final brazier. Once that happens, kill the enemy and enter the room to get the treasure. If you need further help, check out the video below.


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