Magnum Location - Moreau's Hidden Weapon - Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil 8 magnum, or Moreau’s Hidden Weapon, is a special gun that you can get, and it counts as one of the treasure collectibles. More importantly, it is also one of the strongest weapons you can get. Therefore, figuring out where to find the M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum Treasure in Resident Evil Village is gonna be very advantageous on your adventure. If you’re having trouble finding it, here’s our Magnum Location – Moreau’s Hidden Weapon – Resident Evil Village guide to help you out.

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magnum location moreaus hidden weapon resident evil village
Magnum Location – Moreau’s Hidden Weapon – Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Moreau’s Hidden Weapon M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum Treasure

The location of the M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum Moreau’s Hidden Weapon treasure in Resident Evil Village only opens after you defeat Moreau as a boss. On that journey, make sure to collect the crank before the boss fight. Then, after you beat the boss, go back towards the village. Once you’re back on the surface, head to the east and use the crank on the gate. This will unlock access to a part of the village that you couldn’t reach before. Keep going to the east until you come across the house that we’ve marked on the map below.

Walk around the house until you find a hole in the wall in the back. Crawl through and shoot the monster that’s lurking inside in the back. Go inside and open the treasure chest on the table. That’s the Resident Evil Village Moreau’s Hidden Weapon Magnum location. Now, even though the Resident Evil 8 M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum counts as one of the treasures, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it. On the contrary, it’s one of the most powerful guns in the game, as is Resident Evil tradition.

If you’re having trouble finding the magnum, check out our video below. Those of you that have already obtained the gun will get 30,000 Lei in the chest instead. If you need assistance with anything else in the game, check out some of our other Resident Evil Village guides. Among other stuff, we’ve written Goats of Warding Locations – Heretic Trophy, How to Get Beneviento Treasure and Lockpick Locations.

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