RE8 Outhouse Locations - Problem with Outhouse Near Moreau & Castle

Outhouse locations in RE8 are scattered all around the village, and you need to open them all to get the “When You Gotta Go” Trophy. The problem here is that you can easily miss some of them, as they’re often hidden behind houses and other buildings. That being the case, we’ve put together our RE8 Outhouse Locations – Problem with Outhouse Near Moreau & Castle guide to show you where to find all the outhouses, as well as how to get two of the more troublesome, easily missable ones.

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re8 outhouse locations problem with outhouse near moreau & castle
RE8 Outhouse Locations – Problem with Outhouse Near Moreau & Castle

RE8 Outhouse Locations

The Resident Evil 8 Outhouse locations are scattered around the Village, all over the place. Some are in the village proper, while others can be found close to the boss hideouts. There are two potential issues here. The first one is that the majority of outhouses are hidden in backyards and generally out of sight. The second problem is that you slowly unlock access to the various outhouses as you open the different sections of the village. My recommendation is that you get them as they come, and no later than after you beat Moreau. Use our video below, in which we show you all ten Resident Evil Village outhouse locations.

How to Get the Last Outhouse after Defeating Moreau

To get the last RE8 outhouse location after defeating Moreau, you need to check behind the lab building, as shown in the video above. However, the issue here is that you need to get it before you head into the factory and face off against Heisenberg. That goes for pretty much all of the outhouses. If you push too far through the game and lock yourself onto the journey towards the end, you won’t be able to access the rest of the outhouses. At that point, you have to either start a new game, or load an older save. It’s no big deal; the game kinda expects you to play through several times, as is usually the case with Resident Evil games.

How to Get Outhouse near Castle Dimitrescu

To get the RE8 outhouse location near Castle Dimitrescu, you need to get it as soon as you complete the battle against Lady Alcina and exit the place. Go to the back of the shack on the right, and it’s right there. However, if you miss it, don’t worry, you can go back. After you beat Moreau and get the Crank and Boat Key, go along the Lone Road and head to the dock to the north. Lower the drawbridge, go down to the boat, and sail it north. When you reach the next dock, disembark and lower the second drawbridge on the left. That’ll take you back to the outhouse area. Incidentally, if you go right instead of left after the second dock, you can find a mausoleum that unlocks the Riverbank Treasure House.

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