RE8 Hooligan Trophy Problem Solution

A lot of players have been having a problem with the RE8 Hooligan Trophy not popping up, despite them breaking all nineteen windows in Castle Dimitrescu. They are wondering whether it is some kind of bug and how to solve it. However, it seems that the culprit is not actually a bug, but rather them missing a window. In our RE8 Hooligan Trophy Problem Solution guide, we’ll show you which window that is and help you finally get the achievement.

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re8 hooligan trophy problem solution
RE8 Hooligan Trophy Problem Solution

How to Solve RE8 Hooligan Trophy Problem

To solve the Resident Evil 8 Village Hooligan trophy problem, I recommend that you double-check whether you’ve gotten all nineteen windows. It seems that most people are having trouble with one particular window, which is #3 in our video below. That’s the room between the staircase leading to the dungeon and the kitchen. You might know it better as the room where you defeat the first of the Dimitrescu daughters. You have to break one of the windows in order to kill her, but there are two windows here. With all the adrenaline pumping, and the wind already howling through the room, you can easily miss the second window.

Another RE8 Hooligan Trophy Problem that this window is very difficult to break with the knife. There’s a table in front of it that’s blocking access. You can kinda get at if you angle yourself correctly, but it really is unnecessary gymnastics. Trust me, you can absolutely spare the bullet. Besides, you have to use at least one bullet to break the window in the Atelier, aka the room with the Five Bells puzzle (#11 in our video). So, if you’re counting on getting them all in a knife-only run or something, you can forget about it. That’s a total of two bullets you’ll have to spend for the trophy. If you think two bullets will make that big of a difference, we haven’t played the same game.

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