Doll Puzzle Resident Evil Village - House Benevento

Resident Evil Village Doll Puzzle – House Benevento is a prolonged series of puzzles that you have to solve in order to escape this part of the house. It’s basically like an elaborate escape room that you’ll have to solve step by step. There are several important points in this situation, including figuring out how to get all the items from the House Beneviento Resident Evil 8 doll puzzle, where to find the doll workshop door code, and much more. We’ll guide you through the entire process, step by step. Let’s dive right in.

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doll puzzle resident evil village house benevento
Doll Puzzle Resident Evil Village – House Benevento

Doll Puzzle Items Resident Evil Village – House Beneviento

To get the Resident Evil Village Doll Puzzle items in House Beneviento, the first order of business is to the examine the doll thoroughly. We’ll start with the right arm. First off, examine the forearm. Bend it upwards and twist it around until it pops out of the socket. You’ll see a strange silver seal with three closed eyes where the elbow is. Leave that on the table for now. Next, examine the right shoulder and open the compartment to get the Silver Key.

Move over to the doll’s left side. Examine the leg and remove the lower part of it to get the Winding Key. Check the left hand and take the blood-covered wedding ring. Lastly, you can examine the left eye to reveal a symbol of a crow inside a triangle, but you can leave that for later.

Where to Find Doll Workshop Door Code Resident Evil Village

To find the Resident Evil Village Doll Workshop door code, head to the door with the symbol of the Silver Key on it. Open it using said key and enter the Medicine Room. There’s a sink in there, and you can use that to wash the blood off the wedding ring to get the solution of this part of the Resident Evil Village Doll puzzle. Examine the ring closely, and you’ll find what I assume is the wedding date. That is also the code to the door: 052911. Open the door and go down the corridor and open the door on the left into the Storage Room. Find the table in said room and on it will be a music box. Insert the Winding Key into the box to open it. Turn each little wheel until you match all the scratches. The box will play a melody, and you will get a pair of tweezers. If you’re having trouble with this one, check out our Music Box Puzzle Solution guide.

How to Solve Resident Evil Village Film Doll Puzzle

To solve the Film Doll Puzzle in Resident Evil Village, after you get the tweezers, head back to the doll and examine its mouth. Use the tweezers to get the little strip out. Go back into the corridor and follow it all the way into the study. Examine the projector, then solve the film puzzle in this order: Monkeys, Book, Baby, Music Box, Wedding Ring. After the film is over, one of the bookshelves will move to reveal a secret area. Go inside and take the scissors from the dolls. Crouch down and cut the bloody bandages with the scissors.

Next, walk past the phone, then pick it up when it rings. Walk all the way back to the doll puzzle room, but note the door on the left that’s missing a piece. Once in the doll room, cut the bandages with the scissors and remove the piece of wood from the chest. Pick up the brass medallion, then head through the hallway to the west. Follow it until you reach the door with three medallions.

How to Unlock House Beneviento Doll Puzzle Symbols Door

To unlock the symbols door in the house Beneviento doll puzzle in Resident Evil Village, the first step is to put the brass medallion in the empty slot. Then, examine the symbol on the left, and move it to the one that you saw in the doll’s eye (a crow looking to the right). Lastly, move the bottom symbol to the three closed eyes. That unlocks the door, so open it and go all the way down the dark hallway. Climb down into the old well and pick up the Breaker Box Key. Make your way to the room to the north of the study, where the elevator is while juking the giant baby.

Open the breaker box with the key and pick up the relief of a child (don’t think too hard about it, logic has long left the building). Run back to the door with the missing piece and place the baby relief. Go down to the lower part of the house.

How to Solve Resident Evil 8 House Benevento Doll Puzzle

To finally solve the House Benevento doll puzzle in Resident Evil Village, go through the kitchen in the lower part of the house, then open the door on the right in the corridor. In this next room, find another breaker box and pick up the fuse. When you try to go back upstairs, the baby will come bumbling down to meet you. Our advice is to double back to the room with the fuse box and hide under the bed. When the baby moves to the far side of the bed, run through the door, up the stairs, through the study, and back to the elevator.

Place the fuse in the breaker box and call the elevator. Run into it and go up. You might have to run a few circles to escape the baby while doing all this. This will take you into a whole different nightmare, but that’s a different matter. If you get stuck in any of the steps above, check out our video below for visual assistance.

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