Treasure Map Resident Evil Village Special Chambers

The Treasure Map in Resident Evil 8 Village Special Chambers is an interesting item as it gets to be a part of 3 different quests! It is an old parchment of paper which depicts the layout of the Dungeon under the kitchen. Excitingly enough, it gives you the route which leads to a drawing of a chest. This destination is circled with red pain with an alluring note saying “treasure”. What is this treasure? What puzzles lie ahead?! Our guide will present you with all the answers surrounding the Treasure Map mystery in Resident Evil 8.

Treasure Map Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Special Chambers Treasure Map Location

The treasure map is lying out in the open very close to the entrance to the Attic part of Castle Dimitrescu. Though the Treasure Map is easy to grab, getting to the Attic is the tricky part. You can access this location from the Atelier, and like many things in Resident Evil 8 Village, this is not straightforward. The Atelier is a dead end, but you need to complete the 5 Bells Puzzle so the secret passage could open. We recommend you check our easy-to-follow guide Resident Evil Village 5 Bells Puzzle. Once you get to the Attic, you just have to make a couple of steps and you’ll enter a gloomy room. You’ll notice a small wooden table with a crate on top of it. That’s the location of the Treasure Map and pick it up.

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How to Get the Iron Insignia Key

Although you’ve got your Treasure Map, you can’t rush towards its enticing treasure location. Unfortunately, that Dungeon room is locked and you’ll need the Iron Insignia Key to open it. Of course, you get the item by solving a puzzle. In this case, it’s the Piano Puzzle in Resident Evil Village. Lucky for you, that’s not a difficult feat. Go to the Opera Room and find the ornate piano. Hit several keys and you’ll notice an orange dot popping up on various positions on the parchment sheet. You need to align the orange dot with the head of the note. To make your game easier we offer our guide for the Piano Puzzle in Resident Evil 8 as well as our Piano Puzzle instructional video on YouTube. When you hit the right notes, you’ll get the Iron Insignia Key.

How to Lower Iron Spike Fence around the Coffin in Resident Evil 8

Come to the kitchen and climb down the stairs into the Dungeon. Follow the instructions on the Treasure Map, and pass the shuffling enemies to get to your destination. What do you know?! The treasure is behind locked bars. You get another opportunity to solve a small puzzle. Now you have to light up the hanging braziers. Luckily, everything you need is in this location. On one side of the room, you’ll spot a small niche with a pipe bomb. While on the other side of the room there’s a crack in the wall. Throw the bomb into the crack and you’ll open up the third burning brazier. Shoot the middle brazier so it swings up to the burning one. This will make it light up. Repeat the process with the other brazier until both are lit. When both of them are on fire the iron spikes will come down.

There you go! Finally, you have reached the mysterious goal of the Treasure Map in Resident Evil 8 Village. Will let you discover for yourself what lies hidden in the chest.

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