Sea of Thieves Ashen Keys Location

Ashen Keys can be found in several locations across Sea of Thieves. As their name suggests, these are keys, and keys, naturally, can be used to unlock things. In the case of Ashen Keys, they unlock Ashen Chests. The Keys can also be sold to Reaper’s Bones or Bilge Rats. But, let’s be real – this is a pirate game, and finding (and unlocking) lost chests is a lot closer to a true pirate experience than selling Keys. Not to mention – a lot more exciting. Finding them is worthwhile, since these Ashen Chests hold three pieces of treasure, one of which is always an Ashen Tome. Our Sea of Thieves Ashen Keys Location guide will show you places where you can find these Keys.

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Sea of Thieves Ashen Keys Location

Where Can You Find Ashen Keys in Sea of Thieves

There are several methods that yield Ashen Keys. Finding the Keys is the hard part of the entire process, since Ashen Chests are far more common in the game. So, in order to find an Ashen Key, you can use any one – or all – of these methods described below:

  • By defeating Ashen Key Masters. When you defeat one, it will drop an “Ashen Key Master’s Notes.” When you pick up one of these, it will provide your crew with an “X Marks the Spot Map” where you will be able to find a buried Ashen Key. Ashen Key Masters can be found as solo Emergent Skeleton Captains on the shorelines of Islands. They can also be encountered as Skeleton Fort’s second Boss wave. There is also a small chance that an Ashen Key Master will drop an Ashen Key when you kill it.
  • Two Ashen Keys are a guaranteed reward for sinking the Captain’s Skeleton Ship during the Skeleton Fleet World Event.
  • Low chance to catch one as Treacherous Plunder with your Fishing Rod. Like all Treacherous Plunder, this is done without bait.
  • As part of Ashen Key-Seeker and Ashen Key Stash Voyage Mercenary Voyages.

Those are the locations you can find Ashen Keys at. Thank you for reading our Sea of Thieves Ashen Keys Location and be sure to check out the rest of our Sea of Thieves content.

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