Captains Of The Damned Journals Sea of Thieves

Captains of The Damned are a new Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves and there are several Journals you will need to find during this quest. However, to discover all the Journals, you will first need to find the Flame of Souls. In the video below, you can see the exact path you need to take to get to the Flame of Souls. Once you have that in your possession, you will then be able to get the other Journals as well. In our Captains Of The Damned Journals Sea of Thieves guide, we will explain where each of these five Damned Journals can be found in the game.

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Captains Of The Damned Journals Sea of Thieves

Where Are The Damned Journals

They can be found throughout the Sea of the Damned. The first three Journals are across the Whispering Bayou, and the other two are in the Fort of Lost Souls. Like we said, don’t forget to get the Flame of Souls first. You won’t be able to uncover the Journals without it. So, here’s an explanation on how to find them:

  • Damned Journal #1. In the Whispering Bayou, head southeast of your starting position until you notice a skeleton hanging in a prisoner’s cage. You will see that it is hung on a big tree log. Go to the end of the tree log and light the torch with the Flame of Souls. Next, shoot the rope suspending the cage. It will fall into the water. Jump after it, open the cage and retrieve it.
  • Damned Journal #2. To get the second journal, turn around and go directly south from the first journal until you reach a cabin. Light the torch there. This will start a chain reaction, so follow the lit torches until you reach the shoreline. Again, jump into the water, and swim until you see a sunken boat. The second journal is here.
  • Damned Journal #3. Next, head west until you come across a cabin with a rocking chair and a banjo. Light the torch and the Damned Journal will appear next to the banjo.
  • Damned Journal #4. Like we mentioned, these last two Damned Journals are in the Fort of Lost Souls. When you get here, you will see a skeleton holding a lantern at the dock. Light this and follow the now-lit torches to the entrance of the fort. In the courtyard, light the four braziers around a pit. This will open a latch door, so jump down on the ledge. Light the torch in the skeleton’s hand and pick up the Damnded Journal once it appears.
  • Damned Journal #5. The last journal. Jump into the water in the pit and dive until you pick up a lockpick at the bottom. Now, swim back up until you have reached a small passageway about halfway up. Go through here. Swim until you reach a locked door. Use the lockpick on it. You are now back in the fort courtyard. Directly forward from the door there is a Jack Sparrow wanted poster. Go here and use the lockpick on this locked door. Next, turn around and go to the cell in the courtyard. Light the torch in front of it. Go back to the door you unlocked – the one with the Jack Sparrow poster. Climb up the ladder in this room. Cut the rope at the top of this. Jump from platform to platform until you have made it to the roof of the cell with the Damned Journal. Jump in and collect it. Congrats, you have all five Damned Journals now!
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