Headless Monkey Journal Locations - A Pirate's Life Sea of Thieves

During the “A Pirate’s Life” Sea of Thieves Tall Tale, you will be able to discover the Journals of the Headless Monkey’s Captain and their locations. However, to get these, you first need to complete a series of other connected events and puzzles along the way. Without these, you will not be able to locate the infamous Crew of the Headless Monkey and their Journals. To help you do this and to highlight some mistakes you should avoid, we compiled this Headless Monkey Journal Locations – A Pirate’s Life Sea of Thieves guide. To avoid this guide getting too long, we will be linking to individual guides in which we have already explained some of these necessary steps more in-depth. With that said, let’s dive right in.

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Headless Monkey Journal Locations - A Pirate's Life Sea of Thieves

What Do You Need To Do Before You Can Discover the Journals of The Headless Monkey’s Captain

Like we mentioned, this is a lengthy process, and you will need to complete quite a few steps beforehand. Before we begin, we have to point out that you shouldn’t place the Cursed Captain on his body in the Captain’s Quarters on the Golden Hare. If you do this, you won’t be able to complete this. The first of these is to get the Cage Key from the Last Stand tavern in Sailor’s Grave. Next, you will need to find poor Dougie and his treasure. For your next leg of this journey, you will need to obtain Captain Bones Special Recipe and use it to win a game of chess. Finally, once you summon the Ferryman, turn the Lighthouse light beam to the north. You will see a beacon to the right of the ship with red sails. Light this and a bridge at Sailor’s Grave which leads to this shipwreck will now open. You can proceed and collect those Headless Monkey Journals.

Headless Monkey Journal Locations

As you start getting closer to the shipwreck, a familiar tune will start playing – the Monkey Island theme song. All five Journals can be found here. The first Journal is right next to the ship’s helm. Do not forget to also pick up the Headless Monkey Key. The second Journal is on the side of the mast. The third is next to the broken mast. Now, go to the side of the ship and unlock the door there. You will find the fourth Journal on the table. The fifth and final one is on the bookshelf. Congratulations, you’ve now completed this Deed.

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