Sunken Pearl Journals - Silver Blade Captain Sea of Thieves

The Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Silver Blade Captain Journals are a collectible that you can find during the Tall Tale. There are a total of five journals that you can find across the level as you progress through the Citadel. The catch is that all five locations are extremely well-hidden, and the books are difficult to spot. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, in which we’ll show you where to find all the Sunken Pearl journals in Sea of Thieves.

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sunken pearl journals silver blade captain sea of thieves
Sunken Pearl Journals – Silver Blade Captain Sea of Thieves

Where to Find Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Silver Blade Captain Journal Locations

To find the Silver Blade Captain Journal locations in the Sunken Pearl in Sea of Thieves, the first place to look is the room right after you lower the first barrier by hitting the pink coral thingy. This is where you meet the first of several three-siren-statue puzzles. Before you start solving it, look behind the large chunk of wooden debris in the back of the room, next to one of the smaller siren statues.

As you solve the siren puzzles and the area fills with water, explore the outer walls of the room. You’ll find the second journal in a small alcove, between a large seaweed and a big, red coral. The easiest way is to fill the room completely and then dive and look for the book.

The third journal location is after you open the door to the Citadel, the one with five gems. In the large room behind the door, you’ll find two chunks of a shipwreck at the bottom. Investigate the larger chunk on the left closely to find the book next to the two flat, gray rocks.

The fourth Sea of Thieves Sunken Pearl Silver Blade Captain Journal location is deeper in the Citadel. As you swim through the level, you’ll come across yet another large chunk of shipwreck. The book will be on the wide, flat part of the debris.

The fifth and final journal is in a large cavernous chamber where you can lower a piece of shipwreck using a pulley system. Your goal is the other large bit of ship that’s jutting out of the cliff. The book is in the bottom section of the wreck, on a box in the corner. This one is arguably the hardest book to find, so keep your eyes peeled.

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