Dark Brethren Block Puzzle & Mural Locations Sea of Thieves

Dark Brethren is a new Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves, and just like the previous ones introduced in this latest season, it also has some tricky parts to it – in the form of block puzzle and mural locations. As we have already covered in the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale, these quests can be very difficult to solve. It also doesn’t help that they are currently often buggy. But the biggest issue is that you have to solve some very challenging puzzles that require an exact sequence of events in order to beat. Our Dark Brethren Block Puzzle & Mural Locations Sea of Thieves guide will help you with that. Just follow our instructions and you will save yourselves a lot of time and frustration.

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Dark Brethren Block Puzzle & Mural Locations Sea of Thieves
Dark Brethren Block Puzzle Solution & Mural Locations Sea of Thieves

Dark Brethren Siren Mural Locations

The goal here is to find five Siren mural locations. Every Sire mural requires that you pull three levers in exact order. Some of these levers are found underwater, so be ready to take a long swim. Follow the directions in this helpful video below you will be able to find and solve all five murals in no time.

Dark Brethren Block Puzzle Door – Rotating Block Puzzle Combination

When you have solved all the five Siren murals, you will then be able to solve the rotating block puzzle door. The solution to this puzzle lies in the Siren murals. Every mural puzzle you solve is a clue to the final Rotating Block solution. So, the solution, followed clockwise is: shark, siren, rod, diamonds, ship. If you have done this correctly, a Dead Man’s Chest Key will appear in the center of the alcove. Pick it up, go a short distance to the left from the puzzle and you will find a chest that this key opens. Unlock it to get your prize.

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