Sea of Thieves Devil's Ridge Riddle Solution & Location

Devil’s Ridge riddle in Sea of Thieves is one of the puzzles in the game. You’ll have to solve a rhyming riddle to find the buried treasure chest, instead of just following the map. This Devil’s Ridge riddle isn’t particularly hard to solve, but not everyone likes to solve riddles. There is a possibility of getting stuck. For that reason, here’s our guide on how to solve Devil’s Ridge riddle in Sea of Thieves, and where to find the treasure location. This riddle is one of several that you can get for Devil’s Ridge; we’re going to update this article if we discover more Devil’s Ridge puzzles.

Sea of Thieves Devil's Ridge Riddle Solution & Location
Sea of Thieves Devil’s Ridge Riddle Solution & Location

Where to Find Devil’s Ridge in Sea of Thieves?

The beginning verse of the riddle reads: “Devil’s Ridge has riches vast, from forgotten stories in the past.” So, the riddle immediately tells you to go to Devil’s Ridge. But where is Devil’s Ridge? It’s in quadrant U-24, way off to the east. The nearest outpost to Devil’s Ridge is Plunder Outpost, which is at M-22. From Plunder Outpost, you need to sail east-by-southeast to reach Devil’s Ridge.

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Legendary Lone Hunter on the North Beach

The “Legendary Lone Hunter on the North Beach” from the riddle sounds pretty obtuse. However, it becomes fairly obvious what the solution is. All you have to do is to sail to the dead-north shore of the island. When you come ashore, you’ll spot a cave painting of a red hunter brandishing a spear.

From there, all you have to do is to face east-by-northeast. Count off nine paces, and start digging. The only thing that might be a little tricky here is finding the exact digging spot. East-by-northeast from the Legendary Lone Hunter, there’s nothing but sand. In fact, you’ll be coming close to the edge of the water. So, we’ve included a screenshot from the place where the treasure is buried, facing towards the Legendary Lone Hunter below.

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