Get Midnight Blades Mask in Sea of Thieves Stolen Secrets Commendation

In Sea of Thieves, completing the Stolen Secrets commendation will allow you to get access to the Midnight Blades Mask. Not only does it look great but it is the only mask that covers your pirate’s face. There are easy ways to get it but generally, you are going to have to resort to underhand tactics. Get ready to sink ships and steal! Read on as we discuss the Midnight Blades Mask and Stolen Secrets in Sea of Thieves.

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Get Midnight Blades Mask in Sea of Thieves Stolen Secrets Commendation
Get Midnight Blades Mask in Sea of Thieves Stolen Secrets Commendation

How to Get Stolen Secrets Commendation in Sea of Thieves

The Stolen Secrets commendation is the key to unlocking the Midnight Blades mask. To do this you need to place another crew’s map bundle on your voyage table.  For the least fun approach, you can borrow them from allies and friendly crews.

Stealing and sinking are the best methods. Try sneaking onto another pirate ship and locating the voyage table. Go up to the map and hold X down for a while. Soon, you will have the map in your grasp.

To take it by force, you need to sink the ship. The map bundle will surface after it sinks.  Reel it in and then you can go and claim your prize.

Once you have one, travel to your own ship. Place the map bundle on the table. Immediately, you will have completed Stolen Secrets. This gets you access to the Midnight Blades Mask in Sea of Thieves.

How to Get Midnight Blades Mask in Sea of Thieves

The Midnight Blades set has a lot of different parts to it. However, the one most people want is the mask. You can earn it via the ‘Stolen Secrets’ commendation. It can conceal the identity of a pirate and is unique in the game for this reason.

Once completed, head to any clothing shop. The Midnight Blades Mask should now be available in Sea of Thieves. It is filed under the beard section. Purchase it then head to your vanity chest and apply. You can see how to do this using the excellent guide from Rare Thief below.

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