Sea of Thieves Old Faithful Isle Riddle Solution & Location

Old Faithful Isle riddle is one of many you can solve in Sea of Thieves. Our first Sea of Thieves puzzle on this island was short, with two sentences. What made it more difficult was searching to find the specific trees. So, to help you out, we’ll show you how to solve Old Faithful Isle Entwined Trees riddle in Sea of Thieves.

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Sea of Thieves Old Faithful Isle Riddle Solution
Sea of Thieves Old Faithful Isle Riddle Solution & Location

Where to find Old Faithful Isle?

Old Faithful Isle is located in quadrant Q-4. From a distance, it looks like a giant rock. Unlike other islands of this size, Old Faithful seems more desolate. This is weird, considering that this was an old, well-defended island-fort. There are many signs of it, including the wooden tower next to the island. For this reason, you might also get shot at as you get close to the island.

Old Faithful Isle Sea of Thieves
Old Faithful Isle

North East Entwined Trees

The next line of the riddle reads: “Find the North East entwined trees, this riddle bewitches, 8 paces South East, will your shovel strike box of riches.” Those entwined trees are close to the top of the island’s peak. Below this peak, there is a larger plateau surrounded with a wooden fence, with lots of palm trees and watchtowers. Near the center of this plateau, find the dried-up trees. One of the entwined trees has a branch around the second one. To spot it easier, look for a broken clay pot with a light inside. As you get close to this tree, you’ll hear a wooden cracking sound.

The 8 paces southeast, where you need to dig, is towards the nearby gate. It’s downhill, towards the beach. You can use this path to reach this plateau / fort, or even park your ship close, so you can escape any danger as fast as possible.

Note: If you are struggling to find the location described above, search for a wooden fort near the island. It is the only one out there. Next to it, from the nearby shore, follow the path up the hill. This is where the plateau with the entwined trees is.

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