Poor Dougie Key, Treasure & Medallion - Sea of Thieves Pirate's Life

Poor Dougie’s Key, Treasure and Medallion in Sea of Thieves are all important items that will take you through the steps of this side quest. Each of the items are going to be necessary in order to progress through the mission. This is especially true for the medallion, because it features prominently in a different quest. With all of that said, in our Poor Dougie Key, Treasure & Medallion – Sea of Thieves Pirate’s Life guide, we’ll show you where to find Dougie’s treasure, his key, and medallion, as well as what to do with the medallion afterwards.

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poor dougie key treasure & medallion sea of thieves pirates life
Poor Dougie Key, Treasure & Medallion – Sea of Thieves Pirate’s Life

Where to Find Poor Dougie’s Treasure in Sea of Thieves

To find Poor Dougie’s treasure in Sea of Thieves, you have to go to the tavern near the back end of the ship that’s cracked in half. Turning your back to the entrance into the tavern, you’ll see a jagged rock in front and to the right of you. The chest is between this rock and the blue plants that are also on the right. You should see it kinda sticking out of the ground; you know what these mounds look like by now. So, dig the treasure chest up and take it back to Dougie. This will unlock the “Treasure for the Dead” commendation and bring you a step closer to completing this side quest.

Where to Find Poor Dougie’s Key

Poor Dougie’s Key in Sea of Thieves is initially on his chest, or rather, hanging around his neck. It’s going to stay there until you find his treasure, as we’ve described above. However, when you do bring Dougie’s treasure chest back to the skeleton, he will take the key from his neck and drop on the ground nearby. You can’t miss it, because it is going to flash a very bright, white light at you. It’s literally impossible to miss, unless you’re playing with your eyes closed. Pick the key up and use it on the treasure chest to open it. Dougie will shuffle off the mortal coil, and you’ll get Dougie’s Medallion for your troubles. Speaking of…

What to Do With Poor Dougie’s Medallion

You need to take the Sea of Thieves Poor Dougie’s Medallion to the two skeletons playing chess and leave it on the table for now. Then, head back to the pulley system leading up to the Cursed Captain’s head. Stop when you get to the two platforms that you can move with the pulleys. Place the platforms so that they are around the same height, but still reachable by jumping. Use them to jump into the cave on the right, where you’ll find the Captain Bones’ Special Recipe.

Head back to the chessboard and use your lantern to light the candle and give the drink to the skeleton on the right. Its head will explode. Place the captain’s head on the now-headless body, and buy your way into the game by placing the medallion on the table. You can figure your way onward from there, or check out our guide I’ve linked above.

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