Silver Blade Key Sea Of Thieves - How To Make The Water Rise

The Silver Blade Key is part of The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves, and many players are wondering how to make the water rise to get it. Like we already wrote about in our Sunken Pear bug Solution article, this quest is long, complicated, and often buggy. In particular, the part where you need to make the water rise has many players stumped. To help you get through this section as quickly and hassle-free as possible, we’ve compiled this Silver Blade Key Sea Of Thieves – How To Make The Water Rise guide. Follow our instructions and you will snatch up this Key in no time.

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Silver Blade Key Sea Of Thieves - How To Make The Water Rise

How To Make The Water Rise To Get The Silver Blade Key in Sea Of Thieves

If you’ve made it this far in The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale questline, then you already know that it is full of puzzles. Most of these take the form of Siren Statues that you need to manipulate so that they assume the correct positions needed to complete the puzzle. The puzzle for the Silver Blade Key is based on the same exact principle, but solving it requires some actions which may not be apparent at first. So, to begin, once you are in this cavern, look for a wall that has all the positions the four statues will need to be in. Next, shoot the statues from left to right until they are in the exact same positions as the pictures on the wall. Finally, look up at the ceiling. You will see a hole there. Line up your shot and shoot here. If you have done everything correctly, you should see a flash of bright yellow light. After that, the water will start rising and you will be able to pick up the Silver Blade Key.

Thank you for reading our Silver Blade Key Sea Of Thieves – How To Make The Water Rise guide. Hopefully, it has helped you quickly get through this confounding puzzle. We have other Sea of Thieves guides, and we invite you to check them out if you find yourselves stuck.

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