Captain Bones Special Recipe - Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, you will run into two skeletons playing chess and one of them has an empty tankard that needs to be filled with Captain Bones Special Recipe. These two skeletons are seemingly locked in an eternal game of chess in the town of Sailor’s Grave. They are located on the bottom deck of a shipwrecked vessel near the tavern. Solving this puzzle can be tricky, but it will give you a nice reward. Our Captain Bones Special Recipe – Sea of Thieves guide will show you everything you need to do in order to complete this and claim your prize.

Captain Bones Special Recipe - Sea of Thieves

How To Find Captain Bones Special Recipe – Sea of Thieves

The first thing you will need to do once you encounter these stalemated skeletons is to light the candle on the table with the Flame of Souls. Next, go back to the pulley elevator which you used to get ahold of Captain Cursed. You will need his head to complete this. Make your way to the elevator and go up. You will see another pulley here, which raises another platform. Interact with this and then jump on the platform to reach the other side. There is another pulley on this side, which moves two platforms. Use it. Jump on the first platform. However, don’t jump on the second one just yet. Look around you and you will see a small gap in the wall to your right. You will be able to recognize it by a burning candle on top of a barrel. Jump in here and pick up a bottle of Captain Bones’ Special Recipe. Make your way down again to the chess-playing skeletons.

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Pour the Captain Bones’ Special Recipe into the tankard of the skeleton on the right. When the skeleton drinks this, its head will explode. This unlocks the “A Powerful Thirst” commendation. You can now buy your way into the game, but only with Poor Dougie’s Medallion. Put the medallion on the chessboard. Next, place the head of Captain Cursed on the now-headless skeleton. He will win the game for you. Your reward for this is the Ship’s Key. Return to the first pulley elevator. Go up and you will reach a door you can unlock with this key. This will net you not just the “Ship of Thieves” commendation, but also all the gold inside.

We hope that you have found our Captain Bones Special Recipe – Sea of Thieves guide both informative and enjoyable to read. Check out our Sea of Thieves archive for other guides, such as how to find Siren Heart in the Sunken Pearl.

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