Sea of Thieves Snake Island Riddle Solution & Location

Snake Island riddle is one of the Sea of Thieves puzzles. Instead of a map, you’ll get a riddle that you have to solve to find where the treasure is. The Snake Island riddle is one of the easier ones, but you might still have a bit of trouble with it. So, here’s how to solve Snake Island riddle in Sea of Thieves, and the location where you need to dig to complete the voyage. There’s a number of riddles that you can get for Snake Island, and we’ll be sure to update the article if we find more of them.

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Sea of Thieves Snake Island Riddle Solution & Location
Sea of Thieves Snake Island Riddle Solution & Location

Where to Find Snake Island in Sea of Thieves?

The first part of the riddle, as with all others, is pretty straight-forward. “On Snake Island brave and old, I sought to hide my plundered gold.” It’s completely clear where you’re supposed to go. Finding the island is a whole different thing, so let’s make it easier. Snake Island is in quadrant N-19 on your naval chart. It’s north and slightly east of Plunder Outpost, which is quadrant M-22.

where to find snake island sea of thieves

Sunstone on the South West beach of the largest isle

“The Sunstone on the South West beach of the largest isle” is quite a literal description of what you’re looking for. It is a rock with the image of the Sun on it. And, as the verse tells you, it’s on the southwest beach of the largest island in the group. That would be the central island.

Interestingly, the best way to approach this riddle is indeed from the aforementioned Plunder Outpost. Steer your ship so that you approach the largest isle of Snake Island from the southwest. Monitor the beach, and you’ll see that there’s a stretch of sandy beach, with a single, large rock. Drop your anchor and head over there.

Once you find the rock with the red sun painted on it, stand next to it. Take out your compass and face north. You’ll notice that there’s a small alcove in the cliff. That’s where the buried chest is. Measure out six paces north, dig out the chest, and you’re done.

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