Sea of Thieves Where to Find Snakes, How to Catch & Calm Them Down

Snakes are one of the type of creature you’ll have to trap and transport in Sea of Thieves. One type of voyage includes catching an animal in the wilderness and bringing it back to the merchant. Snakes are the final prey in this kind of mission. They’re tricky since they can attack you, and their poison is nothing to scoff at. This guide will show you where to find snakes in Sea of Thieves, how to catch them and how to stop them from attacking you.

sea of thieves where to find snakes
Sea of Thieves Where to Find Snakes, How to Catch & Calm Them Down

Snake locations in Sea of Thieves

Like pigs and chickens, snakes spawn randomly, which means we can’t give you a list of locations. Wherever you go, you’ll have a chance of encountering a snake. The easiest way to find them is by listening to the environmental sounds. Snakes will start hissing violently when you approach them. Just follow the blood-curdling sound and you’ll end up face to face with a fork-tongued fiend.

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How to catch snakes?

Whereas pigs and chickens can be stored in cages/coops, you’ll need a basket to trap a snake. It makes sense – they could slither out of a cage with ease. You’ll get the basket from the merchant that sells you the voyage, but only after you’ve voted and started that particular mission. Buy the voyage, return to the ship, vote to start it, then return to the merchant and you’ll get the basket.

How to stop snakes from attacking you?

The trouble with snakes is that they bite, both when you’re trying to catch them and when you’re carrying them around in a basket. One way to calm them down is to play them some music – they seem to enjoy it. This means you should look for snakes with at least one crewmate, so one of you can distract and calm the beast down, while the other carries it in the basket.

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